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31-10-2006, 13:27
Being almost finished with the campaign with a Paragon, I am contemplating a Dervish. But the class seems hyper complex and fragile to me, or am I wrong? I would like some feedback on how the class is to play.

31-10-2006, 13:46
I've only really started with the dervish (lvl 10) so I don't know everything about the class, but I can say they are a little complex. The enchantment energy management system is the thing that takes a little effort mastering. It's a little like the assassin in that the order you drop the enchantments becomes important, as removing them is when you get half the bonuses. That can be a little tricky. As for being fragile. Not at all. Once you get the knack of dropping and removing enchantments in combat I think you'll find the dervish can survive some pretty rough smackdowns. And dish it back.
Just watch out for enchantment removal.:banghead:

Still trying to work out a build to get around that

what i mean by it's like the sin is when you're using critical defence you have to keep the critical strikes coming in by cycling a few skills. with the dervish you gotta keep the enchantments going up and down by cycling a few skills...

Kinda like everything else i suppose:confused1:

sorry doing a lot of different things at the mo not sure if i'm making sense

dervish fun.

there... kept it simple

Stone Maidan
31-10-2006, 15:45
The Dervish is a health tank. One way to play the Dervish is to have 4 or 5 enchantment skills, a form, the rest attack skills, and a high Mystism 12 or higher. Another way to play it is to bring a few enchantment skills and many condition giving attacks (like Sandy Grip:grin: ).

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Goldfish God
31-10-2006, 15:56
The only unique complexity that dervish have is the whole wax-on/wax-off enchanting.

There are plenty of builds which just put up enchantments then use skills with effectiveness based on how many enchantments you have up at that time (I think mystic sweep is one, dealing +X damage per enchantment), ignoring the whole controlled-stripping possibilities. The mysticism bonus comes in handing, because even if ou don't strip the enchantment yourself, you still get the energy back to recast when after the full duration.

If you do want to start juggling enchantments, it's you just have to make sure you cast each one in order of priority. So your real emergency ones (like vital boon, which heals when it ends) can go on 1st before your more aggresive ones.

Servant of Kali
31-10-2006, 19:14
I wouldnt say that a good Dervish is more complex than a good Paragon. As a good Paragon you cant just press C+space and shoot with the spear. I assume (didnt play Paragon yet except in preview event) that using Echoes etc etc does take some skill. You have to memorize who has it, then time your other shouts so that they end on the ally(ies) at the correct time to prolong the previous shout etc etc.

What i mean to say is that both Paragon and Dervish are beginner friendly, unlike Assassin. BUT - if you want to really master the class, then the learning curve rapidly grows, unlike the warrior curve which stays the same. Playing Paragon and Dervish on the expert level IMO can be a bit demanding but it comes with the practice.

In PvE for instance, even if you play the Dervish on a beginner level, i think you can do just fine. Perhaps if you give Paragon input we could compare :)

But the class seems hyper complex and fragile to me, or am I wrong?

Let's put it this way :) I have 2 more missions before the endgame. Im using the starter armor. That's right, 10 armor :)

And only before 1-2 missions have i started using Mo secondary for prot spirit and RoF. As much as i dont usually like Mo secondaries because i think they are overrated, right now it seems like a good idea because of my armor. RoF costs me 1e. If i use Avatar of Dwayna i get like... 100 health for 1e (and im not counting the dmg negated with RoF, only health gain), and RoF is pretty spammable.

Now that im waiting for people to gather for mission, im probably off to buy max armor, cheapest one. The problem with this mission isnt really my armor but the fact that henchies and heroes have a little problem here..

31-10-2006, 22:54
70 armour melee fighter...enough said.

Actually, I wish it was that easy. I found Paragon to be fairly straightforward to use and in that way enjoyable.

Dervish is more complex, and beautiful in that regard. I have had more trouble keeping my dervish alive on the mainland. However, this is because I started a paragon first and am not awake to the dervish potential.

I just got my dervish through the first mainland quests, faced real opponents and found that a buried prot spirit is my demo's best friend.

To summarize my impression, dervish takes more thought and isn't obvious. Jump in and hold on for a wild ride.

01-11-2006, 01:28
When Dervish work, they work real well. If you use PBAoE and Pious Assault, it makes you essentially immune to blind because you can still cause damage and stack conditions. Hexes are the biggest weakness I've found.

01-11-2006, 01:39
I've played my dervish quite extensivly. I've finished Nightfall, and am partway through cantha. I intend to take him through tyria also. I've also experimented with him alot in pvp.

They are a health tank. And it does require alot of "catching" and alot of "juggling" with your enchantments.

It often becomes the normal, to drop to 25% or lower health, only to "catch" yourself, by stripping, and reapplying enchanments.

It's this momentum, that whilst hectic can become quite fluid.

With the right skillbar, and some practice, I have been able to take on an defeat, 2 - 3 warirors at a time. Or in the very least keep them busy and hold out untill a monk arrives. My only hope, is they dont suffer the nerf bat because of this. I already hear cries of "Derv's are so overpowered, warriors are suppose to tank". ultimately they are a aoe melee class. They need to be able to deal with multiple targets, and subsequently, multiple damage sources.

I know stripping our enchantments benefits us. but only for a short while. Once off, we may have full health but we are compeltely vunerable untill we are able to recast all enchants. With a limited energy pool (25), and most enchants working best when 2 - 3 are stacked, theres quite a vunerability time. Hence the fragility of the class.

Servant of Kali
01-11-2006, 02:10
Hexes are the biggest weakness I've found.

Not at all. RoF+Avatar of Dwayna. What hexes? :)

01-11-2006, 03:51
For 60 seconds, then you get hex degened to death. Or you get blinded and crippled so you still can't do much.

The thing with the avatars is that they each only protect against one type of damage.

Balthazar for normal stuff.
Dwayna for hex.
Melandru for conditions.

With the other slots you might still be able to protect against one more damage category, but after that you start to gimp your own damage output.

01-11-2006, 05:55
Dervish = the class immune to degen.

As a dervish you will find the only self healing worth having is mystic regen. With 2 other enchants at 8 myst its 9 regen. With a 20% enchant mod which you will get thats 9 regen for 24 seconds.

After playing around with the earth builds and unlocking everything I have a feeling most dervish builds will be 3 attacks, 2 enchants + mystic regen + other + rez. So look at the skills and that should give you an idea of what its like :grin:

01-11-2006, 09:14
Not only mystic regen and forms, but also pious restoration and featherfoot grace. I find degens and hexes very easy to deal with as a dervish, you can do it in so many ways and incorporate them into so many builds, it's pretty much a non-issue.

In the case that you don't want to be an hp tank, there's also the option of going AL tank: balthazar form + conviction

Servant of Kali
01-11-2006, 10:38
For 60 seconds, then you get hex degened to death. Or you get blinded and crippled so you still can't do much.

It's for 75 seconds, at 15mysticism which can be easily used.

Btw wait, what exactly do you expect of Dervish? Complete immunity to hexes, conditions and physical/elemental attacks?

If im not wrong, this class is more about PvE Dervish than PvP one. In PvE you're uber tank. What conditions? Yea i get blind sometimes and cripple, big deal, im not the only one in the team :)

Balthazar for normal stuff.

Actually, Balthazar is more useful as a movement skill, and it serves that role great. In battle, Dwayna will give you more "protection" than Balthazar with the armor, on a good skillbar.

Of course, i didnt do any extensive testing, it's just based on a short time i was using those avatars.

01-11-2006, 11:03
I'd have to agree with Kali on that one. I've found Avatar Of Dwayna to provide far superior "tankability"

The minute + speed boost that accompanies Balthazaar truely is it's strongest point.

I suprizingly use the "Avatar Forms" next to never, and opt for the other elites.

Fade Into Shadow
01-11-2006, 16:08
The only trouble I had with my Dervish was the lack of good interupts. So I just brought a mesmer secondary or a ranger companion when I needed those. Otherwise its been great so far.

Goldfish God
01-11-2006, 17:37
disruptive blow (warrior attributeless melee AoE interrupt attack skill) works nicely with a scythes multiple-hit swings.