View Full Version : How do we get through The Digmaster Gatah Mission?

Val Roize Lionheart
01-11-2006, 04:12
Hi Everybody!

Just made a male Paragon named Commander Hellspear.
He's still at noobz island, now just level 09 together with his Heroes.

Please Note that: I am doing all these quests and Missions with my Heroes. No other real People.

I'm now having a problem after finishing the Quests meeting the General and also after getting Melloni to join my group.

Upon finishing the above mentioned quest you will be teleported to where you get your reward from "Digmaster Gatah". After recieving your reward,

You then get a mission.
Problem 1) In that mission you have to put stone tablets onto the Stone Pedestal. The first part was easy, the second part before finishing the Fire Test, you are required to put two (2) Stone Tablets on two (2) Stone Pedestal. I then got the first Stone Tablet and put it onto the Right Pedestal then got back and get the other Stone Tablet then put it onto the left Pedestal.. the door did not open. Does this mean I have to get another real player to do the mish with me?

I then did it with another real person on the second try, "We" made it through the second trial area called "Perseverance Test"

Problem 2) The spirit that carries the Stone Tablet won't move... this time "We're" stuck at that place.. the spirit won't move and the enemies keep spawning back over and over after killing them.

Thank you in advance to everyone who will show some light regarding 2 problems mentioned above.
~Commander Hellspear.

01-11-2006, 04:59
For your first problem, here's a hint - they have to be placed on the pedestals at about the same time, or else the one that you placed first will disappear. But, it only disappears if you place it onto the pedestal. Remember that "Drop Item" button you have? Items on the ground don't move.

For your second problem - kill all of the Restless mobs in the previous rooms (not the Sunspears, of course). Make sure all the Restless Corpses and Restless Dead are gone, then the dialogues should continue.