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01-11-2006, 15:44
The more I use "Incoming!" the more I love it. it's amazing for a lot of missions, especially if you're going back to do some of the earlier ones for Master's where Kournan bowmen line up and try to spike you to death, also against areas with a lot of Elementalist mobs. And it's certainly proven very very useful against a certain lategame boss that can deal a massive amount of damage. I can't wait to use it in PvP to counter spike teams.

One elite that I wish I hadn't spend time/money capping was Anthem of Guidance, which I personally think is pretty weak for an elite.

01-11-2006, 16:24
Most paragon elite are super weak. Incoming is ok, but that's the only one I actually found useful. Angelic Bond is ok also.

01-11-2006, 16:47
Song of Restoration is nice.

01-11-2006, 17:07
I have a love/hate realationship with Defensive Anthem. I love it cause it hits everyone, stacks with shouts and stances and can help my monks. I hate it cause it barely works on Dervishs, Warriors and Rangers (because of that whole attack skill thing) and overall doesnt seem to last long enough.

01-11-2006, 17:14
Defensive is also useless with heros, since they wand every second they get >:L

01-11-2006, 17:42
Yeah, what's up with most of Paragon elites sucking?
Oh, right, they just made a bunch of the PvP weekend non-elites into Elites.
And even nerfed some..

Well, I use mainly Cruel spear, haven't found anything else workable yet.
Angelic seems nice, but I dunno. Incoming as well.

critical vengeance
01-11-2006, 20:28
song of purification - nice

motivation is my favorite team support line

01-11-2006, 22:48
Defensive is also useless with heros, since they wand every second they get >:L

Attack SKILLS are what break it, not "attacks." Anyone who attacks without using an attack skill will have Defensive Anthem on them for its duration.

Thus it ends on your warriors, dervishes, rangers, paragons, etc. However, your casters will remain protected by it since they don't use attack skills. For me, that's the beauty of it. Problem is its energy cost combined with its duration. Its only a 50% block, it seems like it could last a little bit longer for 15 energy...

01-11-2006, 23:28
Song of Restoration is nice.

where did you find this skill to cap it??

02-11-2006, 03:08
song of purification - nice

motivation is my favorite team support line

I love Song of Purification. I use a Spear-Motivation hybrid build in which I use Depleting Assault combined with Song of Purification, so that my follow up attack skill wont be effected by weakness. I also use various shouts to benefit my party.

I plan on capping Incoming and combining it with Vocal was Sogolon for a long duration of protection. Once I do cap it I will make my pure Shoutagon and see how it goes. I can also consider using Defensive Anthem in place of Incoming.

02-11-2006, 07:53
Song of Purification is great for condition-heavy areas.

Cruel Spear is amazing damage (ranged Eviscerate anyone?) - I can easily take down most mobs without having to target monks first when using it. 70+ damage and a deep wound in a single hit.

Focused Anger, when used in combo with some of the nice but adrenaline-heavy spear attacks, puts out some massive hurt.

Soldier's Fury is a nice easy-to-maintain IAS, but Aggressive Refrain usually suffices, so I don't end up using it as often.

Crippling Anthem is amazing for keeping runners in check, if your team has a number of non-casters (and it's crazy in PvP).

Song of Restoration, coupled with the other healing chants, can be extremely nice in areas with full-team damage, such as the Gate of Pain mission.

Anthem of Fury... couple with a bunch of other warriors or paragons in a team and go to town. Note that this is the only team-wide method to gain adrenaline without needing to hit your target. Especially handy in GvG where things like Aegis and Blindness are common, making adrenaline gain difficult.

Anthem of Guidance... another that's not quite as useful in PvE (although nice against large groups of stance-using ranger mobs), but nice in PvP to get around the various defensive measures there.

Incoming! - perfect for the initial spikes on bosses, or in high damage environments.

Defensive Anthem - a non-strippable Aegis, personally I don't like it as much but hey, it has its uses.

I could go on but my mind is slipping at the moment.

02-11-2006, 07:58
to be honest i still use the elite signet to remove conditions

02-11-2006, 12:11
Most Paragon elites are pretty sub-par in PvE, and seem mostly intended for PvP, especially to help or prevent spikes.

02-11-2006, 14:22
i kinda like "it's just a fleash wound" i don't have it yet but it seem kinda cool that and the black knight refrence is awsome