View Full Version : Question about damage reduction stacking

Lord Zado
03-11-2006, 16:57
I like the idea of a huge damage reduction based build with Incoming + stand your ground + watch yourself. +44 armor for all party members and the 50% reduction. My question is, does Incoming apply to the 50% damage AFTER the armor buffs have been taken into account?

Also, what if you have "They're on Fire"? Does that 41% stack with Incoming's 50%?

Any testing with Union, Protective Spirit, Spirit Bond or Shielding hands to see which affects count first?


03-11-2006, 22:55
The order doesn't matter, because each bonus is multiplicative, so in effect your end result is

(% of damage after armor) * (50% = % of damage after Incoming!) * (59% = % of damage after "They're on Fire!")

Since multiplication is transitive, it doesn't matter what order you have them in.

Order of Union/PS on the other hand mattered because addition is not transitive to multiplication nor capping, thus the order mattered, since not all of the modifiers of those skills are multiplicative.

(In case you're not aware of the armor mechanic: armor translates to a multiplicative damage modifier on an inverse logarithmic scale - every 40 points of armor reduces or increases damage by a factor of two, with the "baseline" damage being displayed for AL 60. Thus, 100 armor results in half the displayed damage on a skill, and 20 armor results in double it. However, skills that list specific additive damage bonuses, such as Eviscerate's +42 damage, do not have that bonus affected by armor.)