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03-11-2006, 18:53
I'm still getting used to the profession, and trying to figure out the real pros and cons of the dervish. Getting some new imput would be great, especially since observer mode has been lacking interesting dervish builds.

In my opinion, the main issue/problem is that do you want to keep enchantments on you as long as possible, strip them to get useful benefits or perhaps a mix of both? It's been really hard, if you want to feel effective in different situations.

How many attacks skills do you have usually? What's your energy management?

I don't mind if the build is for PvE or PvP (or for hero). I'm just interested in what's been working for you and why.

Hida Ryushi
03-11-2006, 19:23
I prefer to keep enchantments on my Dervish for as long as possible. That way, I can reap their ending benefits to their fullest. Right now I'm using a Scythe Mystic, which is built to the following:

Scythe Mastery 14
Mysticism 14

Mystic Sweep
Eremite's Attack
Reap Impurities
Reaper's Sweep (E)
Chilling Victory
Heart of Fury
Heart of Holy Flame
Zealous Renewal

Works out great for me, so far. Might look into other builds as I get the rest of the skills (still haven't left Kourna).

03-11-2006, 20:25
I'm fairly new so i don't have much ATM. I'm a D/P15.

eremite's attack 13 scythe mastery
vital boon 7 mysticizem (ithink)
chilling victory the rest on earth
pious assualt
watchfull intervention
fiathfull intervention
sig of return (paragon)
sunspear sebirth sig

i'm after avatar of balthy and something to replace vital boon, and i never use pious assault. the mission before i got faithfull and watchfull intervention i got 60% dp fast, now i rarely die.

Servant of Kali
03-11-2006, 20:42
So far this one:

Fade Into Shadow
03-11-2006, 21:12
Dang Kali, thanks for the link, i might just have to try that build.

Servant of Kali
03-11-2006, 21:34
It's a very fun build, try it :) Dont worry about the downtime on Avatar. By the time you get to the next dangerous mob in PvE it's recharged and you can use the skill again.

Malhavoc Adhamar
03-11-2006, 22:31
Either this one

Wearying Sweep
Plague Touch
Victorious Strike
(anything that takes my fancy usually an elite form)
Vital Boon
Mystic Regen
Faithful Intervention

or this one

Victorious Strike
Reaper's Sweep
Mystic Sweep
Twin Moon Sweep
Vital Boon
Mystic Regen
Faithful Intervention

04-11-2006, 05:01
Here's mine- D/E with Pre-Order Scythe

Mystic Sweep
Vital Boon
Twin Moon Sweep
Glyph of Lesser Energy
Aura of Restoration
Conjure Frost

Sometimes in the free slot I'll use Armor of Mist for the Armor and Speed Boosts, but most of the time it's gonna sits free until I find a good elite to go there. I was also thinking either Heart of Fury for the AS boost or Aura of Thorns for the crippling and bleeding. Any recomendations?

Dew Maniac
04-11-2006, 14:34
this is the one I have been using lately to farm boss's.

Reversal of Fortune
Essance Bond ( Extra energy is always a + to me)
Zealus Benediction {E}
Protective Spirit
Pius Assault
Heart of Holy Flame
Wearying Strike
Chilling Victory

Scythe MAstry - 13
Mysticism - 10
Protection - 8

04-11-2006, 19:43
Using this now:

Avatar Of Dwayna
Faithful Intervention
Heart Of Fury
Mystic Vigor
Golden Lotus Strike
Wild Strike
Repeating Strike
Twisting Fangs

Idea is to keep the enchantments up, get healed from Dwayna, as well as the enchantments when activating attack skills. Repeating Strike against tough mobs as well as a very nice healing from Dwayna.

Twisting for a final blow.
No rez, I know...
Dwayna is optional. Might as well use Balthazar against ele's and bigger groups.

04-11-2006, 20:39
12 scythe
12 Mysticism
8 Earth
5 wind
6 inspiration magic

Victorious Sweep (27 damage, +70hp) 4s recharge
Mystic Sweep (up to 30 damage) 4s recharge
Attacker's Insight (-10 energy off next attack) 10s
Chilling Victory (17 damage, 51 aoe damage when it hits target with less hp) 10 energy 10s recharge
Channeling (+1 energy foe each nearby foe when casting)
An elite Form (Yummy)
Mystic Vigor (+6 hp per enchantment whenever you hit)
Mystic Regeneration (+3 regen per enchantment)

Everything cept chilling victory, the form, and mystic regeneration costs 5 mana. If you use channeling then Attacker's insight + chilling victory you can usually keep your energy from running out.

With three enchants you have +9 regen, +18hp per hit, +1 energy per mob per spell. Mystic regen is crazy good. If you use that and get hit with healing breeze that's 15-16 regen right there, which negates tons of condition and hex degen.

04-11-2006, 22:03
Where is Victorious Sweep found....cant seem to locate anything on it...

I've just made it to the command post...and have 4 of my 5 Avatars...

Thanks.. :)

Cruel Angel
04-11-2006, 23:08
The build I currently use (though nothing spectacular and entirely Dervish):

Scythe Mastery 12 (11 + 1)
Earth Prayers 9 or 10 (don't have it infront of me)
Mysticism 12 (11 + 1)

-Ermite's Attack (+9 dmg for each adjacent foe)
-Mystic Sweep (+9 dmg for each encantment)
-Chilling Victory (+17? dmg and 41? dmg to all adjacent foes if target foe at less hp than you)
-Reaper's Sweep (+32? dmg and deep wound for 17? seconds if foe at less than 50% health... will probably replace with Wounding Strike for better Deep Wound AoE)
-Conviction (Stance for 23 seconds. +24 armor if enchanted, +3 HP regen if not)
-Vital Boon (+72? hp for 20 seconds, healed for 100+ when it ends)
-Mystic Regeneration (+3 hp regen for each encantment on you for 20 seconds)
-Free Slot (I usually take a Cap Sig or Res, but could slide Faithful Intervention or something in there to give Mystic Regen a boost and to almost always guarantee the +24 armor from Conviction so long as you stay above 50% health)

arcady arc
05-11-2006, 22:33
I'm not sure how good of a build it is, but it is getting me through PvE:

Ranger / Dervish - 14
Beast Mastery 2
Scythe Mastery 11
Earth Prayers 6
Mysticism 7

Twin Moon Sweep
Pious Assault
Mystic Sweep
Heart of Holy Flame
Vital Boon
Mystic Vigor
Comfort Animal
Charm Animal

And my dervish hero, Meloni

Dervish / Elementalist - 14
Earth Magic 6
Scythe Mastery 7
Wind Prayers 8
Earth Prayers 4
Mysticism 2

Harrier's Haste
Test of Faith
Grenth's Fingers
Whirling Charge
Signet or Pious Light
Ward Against Melee
Ward Against Foes
Resurrection Signet

Still on Issnur Island, so I don't have any elite skills at this point - if there are any out there I'd be open to knowing where. :p

I PvE with these two and Koss (W/P - hammer build) and Dunkoro (M/Rt - healer build with Rt Pain and Union).

Elfen Lled
06-11-2006, 01:40
I tried a similar build from the madness titans lol so i basicly am a weaker yet more annoying version also tried kalis and i use that alot 2

06-11-2006, 15:39
Mind sharing? :flowers:

Mine is pretty Earth Prayers-based:

16 Earth
8+1 Myst
Rest into Scythe

Pious Assault
Signet of Pious Light
Vital Boon
Aura of Thorns
Heart of Holy Flames
Staggering Force
Dust Cloak

Whaddya think? :listen:

unseen victor
06-11-2006, 21:25
Mind sharing? :flowers:

Mine is pretty Earth Prayers-based:

16 Earth
8+1 Myst
Rest into Scythe

Pious Assault
Signet of Pious Light
Vital Boon
Aura of Thorns
Heart of Holy Flames
Staggering Force
Dust Cloak

Whaddya think? :listen:

Mine is very similar except mine is

Mistic Vigor
Vital Boon
Aura of Thorns
Heart of Holy Flame
Mystic Sweep
Pious Assault
Chilling Victory

06-11-2006, 21:36
1. Pious Assault
2. Wild Blow (or Sand Shards if you need to cap)
3. Signet of Pious Light
4. Vital Boon
5. Heart of Holy Flame
6. Staggering Force (or Blind)
7. Elite (Avatar or Reaper's Sweep, depending on if you want offense or defense)
8. Rez/Cap/Lightbringer

12/12/11 Mysticism/Scythe/Earth

Basically Enchants to AOE mobs, then Pious Assault it away for extra conditions. You can even use Signet of Pious Light if someone is in desparate need of healing. Wild Blow or Sand Shards to deal with stances. They have their pros and cons. Wild Blow crits and helps everyone else in the party kill them, while Sand Shards works through Blind and AOEs all nearby mobs for 20 damage per swing. If you use Reaper's Sweep, then it's nice as a finishing move, especially when the Torment mobs use Call to the Torment.

The nice thing about the build is that none of its enchantments are meant to stay, so you're not afraid of enchant removal, and you can use the full power of the Hand of the Forgotten since you don't need a +20% enchant duration scythe part. Since it only has 2 real heal skills, a nice Boon Prot hero helps a lot, but even you can sort of help someone being spiked. You'll also be sitting on 585 base health with this build as well (assuming Hand of the Forgotten and a Sup Vigor Rune).

Miss Merryweather
16-11-2006, 15:55
my favourite dervish build at the moment is... pve tank/ solo farmer

11 mysticism (+1)
10 scythe mastery (+1,+1) (might go superior)
10 healing prayers

Heart of Fury
Live Vicariously
Vigorous Spirit
Mystic Vigor
Avatar of Melandru /or/ Avatar of Balthazar
Chilling Victory
Eremite's Attack

Zealous Scythe of whatever - keep that energy up just incase

Heart of Fury makes you hit 33% faster, and is the cover enchantment
Fighting a group this is able to get over 150 health per attack :shocked:
+200 health with condition immunity /or/ +40 armor and 33% speed boost with the forms. (i mainly take Melandru's)

yes, the omg so obvious weakness is enchantment stripping... so avoid it like the plague.

Viti Ligo
17-11-2006, 06:55
I don't have any favourite build yet... skill that I really like so far:

Vital boon ( cheap, gives up to +100 health at end )
Twin Moon Sweep ( cheap, gives up to +52 health and extra hit )
Mystic Vigor ( cheap, gives up 6 health per enchant on at hit )
Conviction ( cheap, gives extra armor or health regen )
All the avatar forms...

As you may have noticed all my favourit skills ( except forms ) cost 5 energy. At the moment a run D/E and use glyph of lesser energy to keep all skills I use to cost max 5 e! No need to worry about energy management too much. But no exact build up yet...

18-11-2006, 21:10
meh invinciderv (my build not those other ones proposed in the invinciderv thread)
9 earth magic
9 mysticism + minor rune
9 earth prayers + minor rune
rest in scythe mastery + sup. rune + hat
1. vow of silence (e)
2. stoneflesh aura
3. mystic regeneration
4. veil of thorns
5. armor of sancity
6. reap impurities
7. chilling victory
8. mystic sweep

this is a very theoretical build but the only one that makes me want to buy nightfall (which i haven't done yet) for the use of the dervish. don't expect it to be flawless, i have never teseted it ;)

only problems i expect are energy management, basically put on all enchants and use vow of silence last, you have (maybe) 8 seconds to enjoy invulnerability before recasting vow of silence. the attack skills are interchangable, etc.