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You Have Been Pwnt
05-11-2006, 04:59
I know there are other topics on this issue but I want to discuss and find out how the new system works rather than have a debate about if it should be buffed again or not. I do not believe it is "Adjacent To Foe" range from the target as most people claim it is.

Old System: The old range covered all foes within an adjacent range from the midpoint between the player and the target. So just imagine an adjacent range circle half way between you and your selected target. Two foes within this circle would be hit at random. This means that foes directly behind you could be hit if they were within "Adjacent to Foe" range to your back. Basically as close as they could get to you. This also means foes 3 times "Adjacent to Foe" range or 1.5 times "Adjacent" could be hit directly in front of you. I tested all of this back in september with the pre-order scythe and it checked out.

New System: From what I've seen so far it can't be "Adjacent To Foe" on target. Hitting the center dummy will normally result in the "Adjacent To Foe" dummy being hit but shifting your position around can lead you to hit the center dummy without hitting the "Adjacent To Foe" dummy. This means the damage range isn't calculated based on target position as the two dummies never move meaning hitting the center should always trigger the "Adjacent To Doe" dummy but this is not the case.

It also can't be "Adjacent To Foe" range from the midpoint between player and target or it wouldn't hit the "Adjacent To Foe" dummy from the other side of the center dummy.

A guild mate (Already beat the game with dervish) said it might be "Adjacent" from the player but in a semi circle. This checks out when directly in front of the player (2 x "Adjacent to Foe" = "Adjacent" thus it hits the "Adjacent To Foe" dummy from behind the center dummy but when I move back slightly it fails to hit the "Adjacent To Foe" dummy because it is slightly out of "Adjacent" range) but the question is what angle or radius does this impact? I've had little success hitting targets to the side leading me to think it's a 90-60 degree cone in front of the player.

Of course this is all theory. I've had little success in finding out how the new system works but tests have shown that it is not "Adjacent To Foe" from target. I'm just hoping we can find out exactly how the new system works and adjust out play styles to it.

05-11-2006, 06:11
It's a semi-circle around you, I think. That's what it seems like as I play with my dervish. But sometimes I hit somebody behind me with an attack skill like Twin Moon Sweep, which surprises me. So I'm still kinda confused.

I Orca I
05-11-2006, 07:09
Its generally adjacent to foe, but as you see moving does change that range. The targets have to more or less be hugging each other to be hit, which happens alot more than you'd think.

Margonites do love to hug each other too you know.

Servant of Kali
05-11-2006, 10:32
New scythe is a joke. Here's what happens to me in pve.

*me*>*enemy* .............. *enemy#2*

I hit both. This 2nd enemy is not even adjacent to first, he is more like "in the area" around the first BUT directly behind him.

New scythe is a sniper... lame.

05-11-2006, 18:17
From my experience, the only times I've hit enemies that appeared to be behind me, it looked like this, somewhat:


Okay, it's not super clear... Well, in any case, it's pretty rare I manage to hit 2 enemies that seem far from each other. I suspect most of the time it's lag causing the enemy to display farther than he really is so you hit him regardless.

Movement is also to be taken in consideration. What I found is actually that the scythe will hit foes adjacent to the "striking point".

Let's say two monsters are running, side by side, after a Monk. They're literally hugging each other. So you run after them, targetting either one.

Now let's say your Monk pauses for a second and then resumes running. This will give you time to get close enough to initiate your scythe sweep, but the monsters will resume running as well. Your sweep -will- hit the targetted monster cause you can't miss an enemy that is running (In melee, that is). However, by the time the damage is dealt to the first enemy (because of the animation duration), they both will be ahead of you and you will not hit the second enemy. Why? Because at the time the damage was being dealt, that second enemy was not "adjacent to the striking point".

Well, at least, that's what I've noticed so far.

05-11-2006, 19:27
well, the only time i hit enemies behind me is with Chilling Victory...with cold dmg (related to adjacent foes)...the "white" dmg (that one with no meele attacks) usually uses cone area in front of you...


Eba Doe