View Full Version : Avatar skills???

Artemis of Gondor
05-11-2006, 23:06
How do you unlock the avatar skills???

Shadow of Nothing
05-11-2006, 23:22
They are elite skills, so you have to kill the boss and use a signet of capture to get the avatar. A lot of the avatar forms are around Sunspear Sanctuary. The bosses' names are usually "Acolyte of <god's name>."

Goldfish God
05-11-2006, 23:23
all the avatar skills are mysticism elite skills, so you either have to use a signet of capture on the nightfall bosses, or unlock them in pvp (via balth faction or skill packs). Once you have them just equip as normal.

Artemis of Gondor
05-11-2006, 23:28
where do you get a signet of capture>>>

Goldfish God
05-11-2006, 23:32
any skill trainer after the noobie island, (the very first town you end up at after the mission to leave has one)