View Full Version : Mending Refrain Compared to other Regen Skills

09-11-2006, 00:42
Okay, I've been playing arround with my Paragon for little over a week now. Got it over to Consulate Docks and I've been running mostly a support build with some basic Skills. Here's my build at the moment...

Leader's Comfort
Mending Refrain
"Watch Yourself!"
Signet of Synergy
Barbed Spear
Merciless Spear
Anthem of Flame
Res Sig

Since I'm not home atm, i dont exactly recall my attributes but I know I had Tactics at 0 to trigger the ending of "Watch Yourself!" faster for mending refrain.

Now here's my gripe. Half the time, I can't tell for 100% if my teammates still have mending refrain on or not. Unlike other skills I'm used to (Recouperation and vig spirit, live vicariously), the only way I know is if they tell me. This is espec. true for henchmen.

Another gripe I have about the skill is that it only affects one ally per cast. I'm much more used to just being able to lay down recoup. everyonce in a while, behind my party, than this.

So while paragon's do have some advantages, I'm thinking of just sticking to my prot/resto ritualist/monk. Afterall, I was able to complete Nightfall with him quite easily in the end.

Well, that's my 2cents. :smiley:

09-11-2006, 04:43
Honestly, I'll agree ... I'm not fond of renewable echos placed on others for that very reason - I have no way of knowing if is still on them or not.

At least with the non renewable variety, you know for sure it's ended and can recast as needed.

09-11-2006, 05:52
Generally when I'm a motivation/leadership para I don't put any points into spear mastery at all, nor do I bring any spear skills. I'm purely shout/chant/echo support. I only ever attack to gain adrenaline for Watch yourself. With this setup I've always found it very easy to keep Mending refrain up on everyone.

09-11-2006, 09:08
question for ya....if you put no points in tactics so that it will end quicker why not use "go for the eyes"? It has the same adrenaline as watch yourself and comes off when the person attacks...even henchie healers wand so it will come off almost instantly. And you won't have to be a p/w like everyone else and their pet monkey

09-11-2006, 20:29
If you've ever played a warrior, then you know all about shouts and how you have no clue when it ends, unless you have it on yourself. Watch Yourself is a good example, once it is about to end it flashes on you, thus you know those affected will have the same time settings as you.

Since shouts, echos and chants are not removable, it is better than mending in that respect. And since Recouperation doesn't travel on its own with you, Mending Refrain again is better (step outside a Recouperation radius and you lose its benefit, it dies, again, you lose its benefit).

Live Vicariously also requires you to cast it on 1 person at a time, and it requires you to lose 1 pip of energy. Yes it heals more, but look at the cost. Its an enchantment, thus it can be stripped.