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Little Hex
13-11-2006, 18:12
I was wondering how does 600hp monk and Shield of Absorption work togheter. While testing I saw that it starts by high damage 60+ per hit and slowly negating it to 0 damage per hit until expires.(With Protective Spirit active.) Because there was a need for healing I tested it with Spirit Bond. Spirit Bond provided me with healing for the first few hits when damage was still high.
It seems that Protective Spirit works first and makes you take 10% of you maximum heath per hit, and Spirit Bond heales you 80+ each hit when you take damage, Shield of Absorption comes in and negates damage given to you by -5 per every hit. When Spirit Bond dies off after 10 hits you have only Shield of Absorption on you but you will be taking 0 damage until it ends.


I have 15AL armor with health bonus, Vitae Runes and Major Vigor rune.
Because the key to this build is to have the longest lasting Shield of Absorption as possible I did this.
First I putted a +4 Divine Favor Scalp on and I casted Blessed Aura on me for 37% longer enchancments.(16 Divine Favor, Protection Prayers 12)

Then I switched to +4 Proteciton Prayers Scalp for 7 seconds long Shield of Absorption and keeped it on me.(12 Divine Favor, 16 Protection Prayers)
So now I have 511 hp and in the end +200 hp from Vital Blessing.

So I tried the ye old Smiter + Bonder(Shield Bodner now).
I had basicly the same build except I have put Shield of Absorption in.

I had:
1-Protective Spirit
2-Shield of Absorption
3-Spirit Bond
4-Spell Breaker{E}
5-Blessed Signet
6-Essence Bond
7-Blessed Aura
8-Balthazar's Spirit

My smiter had:
1-Vital Blessing
2-Life Attunment
4-Holy Wrath
5-Shield of Judgment (if Coldfires are aggroed)
6-Blessed Signet

I cleared Chamber and Ice Wastes several times with this build and it works perfect.
The only is how much can you aggro and still be effective, because the bigger group you aggro the longer it takes to kill them(melee mobs scatter), but you can aggro 4 groups of smites and live to see the day.

I would say the big advantage of this build is that that is faster than Famine/55hp build or Trapper Builds. Not as fast as the pre - AI change but still its proffitable.

13-11-2006, 20:21
i gotta try this with me mo as most places where are hard to farm due the fix on the AI only thing that actualy works is shiroken farming with my monk witch i think is not profitable enough (besides that i need ALOT of skill points for me monk her skillhunter titles and skill unlocking:rolleyes: )

how long does it take on avg to do a standard run?

13-11-2006, 21:14
If this works, again players have beat the system. ANet just never learns: You cannot win against farmers and innovative players =P.

I'm going to try this with my guild tonight, and see if we can't master this. Thanks a lot!

Little Hex
13-11-2006, 21:20
When I tested this build on Minotaurs I tested it in UW, it worked 100%, after a day or 2 of testing i posted it here. So fellow farmers start farming UW before its nerfed.

14-11-2006, 05:56
For the empty slot - Glyph of Lesser Energy

Tried and true, this works. The Glyph is easier to work with SoJ without being mental about maintaining

Apok Omni
14-11-2006, 06:16
If this works, again players have beat the system. ANet just never learns: You cannot win against farmers and innovative players =P.

Nah, it isn't that. If Anet really wanted to nerf monk-farming in the very beginning, they would've chopped the health penalty on superior runes to only -60 HP each.
GW isn't a brainless game; the ability to have dual profs provides more strategic and well-thought builds. Anet just got bored of the 55Monk, then the PS/SB Monk, but now they are enjoying the SoA monk. Just wait what they will have in store for us by next chapter...

Little Hex
14-11-2006, 12:39
If they realy hate farming they would nerf protective spirit :D.
I have to say Im enyoing this build so much, the only thing I did after the relese of Factions was to farm UW and FoW, now this build returned my true love in GW - farming for ecto :D.
I have to say I didnt test this build in FoW, But I think you need to bring SV or AV to drain monks and mesmers.

+ If you want to be the shield bonder I think you need to have Prophecies, Factions(Spirit Bond) and Nightfall(Shield of Absorption). Im not sure about Prophecies because I think other skills are core. As for smiter I belive only Prophecies.

14-11-2006, 17:42
Having done a run with the OP (as smiter) I can confirm it's very effective, certainly far quicker than with a famine ranger up to the smites and maybe slightly quicker against smites, not much in it though. All in all about 30-40%+ faster I reckon and a decent bit safer.

This probably will become the new most popular duo I'd guess.

Little Hex
15-11-2006, 17:31
I was just wonder if you guys have any sollutions for the Coldfires, coz if you aggro them it takes a lot of time killing them.

15-11-2006, 18:34
Try taking mantra of resolve to not be interrupted. Replace blessed signet with it?

Little Hex
15-11-2006, 21:15
This build can dual FoW also, Shield Bonder just needs to bring SV or AV.
Smiter Brings Bane Signed and Signet of Judgment for monks.

Shamus Da Monk
16-11-2006, 04:08
How do you maintain energy on the smiter since holy wrath takes 10 energy every time it deals damage back?

16-11-2006, 04:51
Blessed signet.

Anyway, the biggest upside to having a famine ranger is the fact you can take duo groups of smites/colds with little effort.

Little Hex
16-11-2006, 05:51
Yea I know, but at least it doesnt take time to set the spirits. and if you set the spirits to close they can be killed.
At shield smiter build everything is packed up smiter just stands there and watch s TV while tank is just aggroing :P

16-11-2006, 07:31
My comments are just about the monk tank (as the smiter is fine, and really other damage builds can work in there, such as fire ele, which is what I duo with):

Yeah it's a good build - but I find that it doesn't offer anything over the standard 55 (well 105hp+) builds with the addition of SoA, and imo healing breeze (or mending, or both, or arcane echo, or sliver+spellbreaker) is a better use of a slot for degen conditions. I've tried this, and various variants, and I've found that the 105hp build is better in most cases and can handle massive degen better (massive = two hexes, -10health degen, + burning) with less energy spent if mending is included in the picture.

1) blessed signet is only economical, for me, if I have 3+ enchantments on me
2) constantly having spirit bond + ps + SoA on = 25 energy, with 15 energy every 10 seconds and 10 of that every 35 sec or so. And 15 for spellbreaker, or 30 if it's echoed. Degen'd at all and you're going to have a hard time keeping up the energy - so this build can't handle serious mesmer or necro action.
3) 15AL gear is a pain to carry around (since I already have multiple outfits as a monk, and 5+ head pieces) AND (since I did try this build half naked) if PS gets interrupted or stripped a few hits = death. The 105hp (or sometimes 180hp preferrably) build with max armor + 4/5 runes handles emergency situations much better - if protective spirit is gone I can tank/run around/survive much more effectively.

Anyway! My point is this:

I prefer a modified 105hp (or 180hp) build and have successfully taken down (solo) or tanked (duo, for faster farming) multiple mesmer/necro/disenchantment removing groups with: PS, SoA, Healing breeze (degen), (spellbreaker or SoJ), any 2 of: (blessed signet, mending (for heavy degen areas and really for more energy from BS), arcane echo, mantra of resolve), balthazar's spirit, blessed aura (at 32-33%, you only need 32%, sometimes 30% for SoA to easily be kept on always). Various points in divine/protective (for full tank) or divine (>13 with headgear)/protective(>13 with headgear)/smiting (>11 or 12, any more and you sacrifice SoA times greatly)/healing (at 9).

20% longer staff (I use Kephket's, it works well, and gets rid of all the weapon switching of 55 builds :/), max armor, sup runes on everything. Divine headgear for casting blessed aura, protective headgear for tanking, smiting headgear for SoJ casts if you're soloing.

Edit: DUH right, retribution; that would make this build worth running, but less flexibility. I have not tried a duo with a second monk (/me goes off to try).

Little Hex
16-11-2006, 17:32
I have to say I got a lot of Sapphires in UW after the release of NF. So far only from smites.

16-11-2006, 22:45
For FoW, what's your choice of cover enchant? Watchful spirit is probably the one I'd go for personally, 4 regen afaik, though that might be only if you don't use an armour switch for precasting BA.

Little Hex
18-11-2006, 21:01
After some testing I realized that you dont need to swap again for the prot prayers scalp+, you only need a divine favor one and then switcing to na normal slap with hp bonus.