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16-11-2006, 18:39
1. Heroway, this makes HA stagnant as players attain no new skills and try fewer new builds. eventually one new build may arrive and become flavor of the month, but you will never see unique little builds around. Also to ratio of player to Dunkoro will level out to about 1:1, which is never good.

2. 6v6, now this makes no sense and why A-net thought this was a good idea....
Look, GvG is 8v8, high level PvE is 8v8, challenge missions are 8v8, WHY MAKE A 6v6 control so much of the game?! *Pant* It also means no room for utility classes, meaning rits and assasins are still *Splut* and necros and mesmers and paragons are contesting for spaces. With at the moment, one very clear winner.

3. All this means for a new player, HA is very difficult to get into. Not enough balanced groups starting up means you never get the skills needed to start up in HA, and any new guilds starting just get wiped by some fame farming schmuck with the hero build of the 2-damn-month-period. It was hard enough with rank elitism, but now it's even harder. Not to mention rank now means so very little after the assault of heroway and before that IWAY.

Anet...please...please...look at what you have done and realise you have broken down the very tenet of GW with this 6v6 HA. 8v8 play is staple, even 4v4 is meant to be good for practicing split teams, and henchmen are for PvE. GvG can no longer be practiced in HA and HA players are chased away by too many Dunkoro


16-11-2006, 19:25
people. do. not. get. eight. people. as. easy. as. they. get. six.

people. sometimes. do. not. even. get. six. people.

not. everybody. is. willing. or. able. to. spend. a. large. amount. of. time. looking. for. a. team.

HA was underpopulated before they changed the team size to six people.
is it so hard to understand?
now you can play with 8 ppl: gvg. with 6 ppl: HA. with 4 ppl: HA or TA or AB. with 3 ppl: HA or TA or AB. with 2 ppl: HA or AB or TA. alone: Heroarena or RA or HA.
if you want to play 8v8 play gvg... whats the big deal?

problem: TA, RA and AB lack rewards. only gvg or HA give rewards that count: rank and fame. as everyone insists that fame is the best thing since sliced bread, ppl play heroway.

16-11-2006, 19:32
We need another thread about this?

I could have sworn there were already posts in related to each of those points on the front page.

Almas Darksoul
16-11-2006, 20:19
Although I will agree with thr statement that there are already far too many threads of this type around, one point that I feel must be made.

GvG NEVER WAS and NEVER WILL BE comparable to HA in terms of the fights provided.

One is (was) suited for casual PvP, the fights were short and entertaining and it was easy to try things out with relatively small risk.

One is a highly competitive PvP form, with drawn out, strategic fights. If you lose a match, you reduce the quality of future opponents, discouraging experimentation.

Players in a high-ranked guild can (could) HA freely for fun and laughs. GvGing for pure entertainment would require smurf creation (which for many is time consuming, and is rather boring grinding against the hordes of rank 3000 teams who you still have to spend a good 8-10 minutes fighting) or guesting, which mutes the point of playing together for fun.

16-11-2006, 21:11
All 8v8 had a basic root similarity, and skills from HA were very useful. You play a class in HA you get better with it in an 8v8 situation. And perhaps HA was underpopulated, but now the heroes outnumber the players.
Riddle me that:sealed:

16-11-2006, 22:09
if you want to play 8v8 play gvg... whats the big deal?

You lost all credibility right there. gb2pvekthnxbye.

16-11-2006, 22:20

You also lost all credibility with that leet speak.:grin:

Much love for you still though.:kiss:

Parker Bsb
16-11-2006, 22:35
Agreed with Aiiane. Thread closed please use the search function (or your eyes) before you decide to create another thread about this.