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29-11-2006, 09:53

I just fooled around a bit with my monk in PvE, partially to get rid of the problem that henchies and heroes tend to do their own thing if you are busy healing and cant wand or call targets.... so I made the ultimate "no brain" build, and found it actually works quite well.

Its immune to pretty much anything the Nightfall campaign has to offer, too.


Smiting 16
DF 9
Inspiration 10

Mantra of Inscriptions

Signet of Judgment (e)
Signet of Rage
Bane Signet
Signet of Devotion

Leech Signet
Balthazars Spirit OR Holy Veil

equipment: as much AL as you can get, or HP. Energy doesnt matter at all. A shield and a 1handed wand with +damage and/or armor. Again it doesnt matter really, but since you might be doing SOME damage with it, pick one you have the stats for.

How to play: cover 3 in your party with Balthazars or Holy Veil, depending on whether you want to be the ultimate hex removal tool, or support the melees and monks with energy or adrenaline. Note: Paragons rarely get hit, so Spirit on them is not useful. Actually, since you wont need more than 1 energy reg, you can use any maintained enchant.

Then, always keep up Mantra of Inscriptions. It roughly halves the recharge of seals, making them less of a pain. Now, go and fight. Watch the fight. Ignore the HP bars for now.... you cant do more than backup heal anyway. Use your smiting signets based on what enemies you fight. They are NOT strong allround nukes, you really want to meet the conditions on each for maximum impact. Leech Signet is your interrupt, use it generously. If you are good with it, you can use a 4th maintained enchant, and cast mantra of inscriptions just with energy from leech signet. Signet of Devotion is your selfheal, and if you think it helps, use it to top off HP bars in your group.

Why play this build? Its actually not THAT bad in terms of damage, it allows you control of the henchies, its excellent anti-hex and interrupt on groups, and its absolutely easy to play.

If you came home from a party at 5AM and want to do a mission, use this. You are immune to almost all of the higher shutdowns and counters in guild wars, you never run out of steam in a fight, and you are the absolute bane of all warriors and most paragons, since their armor wont help them, and Signet of Rage can scale up to do massive damage against some axe and hammer builds.

Its a fun build :p

29-11-2006, 11:03
I've decided to smite my way through NF and run a very similar build.

I use mantra of inscriptions and the 3 smite sigs. However where I differ from you is that I use Signet of humility - max out Inspiration - 13 secs elite shutdown = permanent shutdown of bosses elite :grin: as recast time is nearly halved from mantra of inscriptions.

I also throw in either smite hex or succor to help monks.

Cant wait to get to them undead guys :grin:

Smiting is fun!


29-11-2006, 11:08
good idea on signet of humility. I just ran a Sig of Humility mesmer with mantra of inscriptions in RA, and its fun to shut down 2 elites constantly :p although people tend to quit if you shut down their Searing Flames.

Corporeal Ghost
29-11-2006, 23:58
Don't forget Holy Wrath. Many Frenzy Warriors have fallen to my Holy Wrath in the randoms. You'll need to be good with Leech Signet to maintain your Mantra for any length of time, though.

If you're not running Holy Wrath, Smite Hex is a MUST. It's really large on the damage end. I'd also go Succor if you're not into Holy Wrath. There are a couple of decent signets in the Divine Favor and Healing Prayers lines. Probably not enough to be worth it, but they're worth at least considering.

Domination offers another interrupt as well as more damage or energy drain, most of which are only really useful on top of Leech Signet in PvP.

Don't forget that Signet of Judgment is an interrupt AND a snare. Good times with that one. Favorite use there was anti-Troll Unguent.


30-11-2006, 04:13
My one word rebuttal to this build:

Complicate. :wink:

Of course, that's a Factions-only skill, so you're not likely to run into anybody using it in NF.

Unknown Hatred
02-12-2006, 17:34
My one word rebuttal to this build:

Complicate. :wink:

Of course, that's a Factions-only skill, so you're not likely to run into anybody using it in NF.


12-12-2006, 22:26
isn't it hard to use both sig of devotion and leech signet in the same build? Interrupting with a 2 second heal? How about blessed signet instead, and then ramp up the maintained enchantments...maybe spread some (2-3) succors around, or strength of honor? You could also then replace leech signet with signet of disruption, since you won't care about energy as much, for the quicker recharge (no points in domination necessary).