View Full Version : trouble with gw with loading

30-11-2006, 14:57
well this is my case as i did not had this before my reinstall of gw today...

when loading the first time in to a town it always sticks when downloaded and decompressing even when i w8ted a few minuts for this...
does anyone has a clue how to solve this or whats wrong?

30-11-2006, 16:14
I'm going to guess that you don't have the world's beefiest RAM and CPU. re-installing GW means that you have to redownload EVERYTHING. The first time into a zone may take a veeerrry long time on less powerful systems.

The only "fix" is to run GW in image mode to download the entire game at one go. It can take several hours, depending on download speed. Then you will have no more loading screens until patches require more redownloading.