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The Night Whisper
01-12-2006, 18:46
Ok, I'm no Yggy or Kalidri by any means, but let me know what you guys think of this and I'll take it from there.... (and yes, the necro is me!!! lol)

Looking up from the scroll she was reading, the necromancer glanced in irritation at the disturbance. She had little time to herself and that time she valued. The knocking on her study door grew louder, more insistent.

“Mistress! Mistress Whisper!”

She stood, her thin frame caught in the glow of the evening sun, shining through the window behind her. Despite the stereotypes attached to her profession, Whisper loved the sunset, and sitting reading in the dappled light of the western window was one of her treasured pastimes.

“Enter!” Her voice was soft and cultured. Indeed, the lady of the house rarely raised her voice, even at the academy where she taught, her lessons were places of calm and order, unless the topic dictated otherwise.

The door flung open and her maidservant, Tasha, hurried into the room. “Mistress, come quickly, he’s hurt, I think he’s dying!!” she garbled.

Whisper turned quickly. “Who child? Who is hurt and where are they?”

“At the gates, they…” Whatever further explanation was cut of as the woman hurried from her study, issuing instructions as she went. “Tasha, fetch Brother Falak to the gate, and alert Brother Titus, he will want to prepare the infirmary”

“Yes Mistress”

“And find me a litter, or something similar”

“Yes Ma’am”

“And Tasha…” She rounded suddenly on the startled maid. “Don’t call me ‘ma’am’!”

The maid blushed lowered her eyes. “Go child, his life may depend on a certain speed”.

They exited the room, the maidservant running for the little chapel, where she was sure she would find the Brothers. Whisper took the stairs two at a time, heading for the courtyard and the gate. As she exited the front of the house, she saw her groom and several other of the servants attending to a prone figure, ling limply in the dust. She could hear the soft crooning reassurances, but her sharp eyes did not miss the fatality of the looks that passed between.

“What has happened?” She aimed the question at no-one in particular.

“He rode up to the gate some ten minutes ago” said the groom, “he demanded entrance, claiming sanctuary and pursuit.” He paused, as if unsure to go on.
“Continue”, Whisper crouched by the figure, her fingers seeking deftly for a pulse.
She was rewarded by a faint flutter, it was ragged and rapid, but it was there.

“Then, well, then he collapsed” said the groom “Fell from his horse M’lady, it was funny, he kinda jumped out of his saddle and then he was on the ground, like this. We dragged him into the compound, but he hasn’t moved. There’s no injuries we can see”

“And yet it is more than exhaustion, that much is plain” She moved her hand over the body, prone and rigid beneath her. “Quickly, bear him to the imfirmary, Brother Tidus will be ready for you”

The servants moved the man on to the nearby litter and moved toward the infirmary building. They were met halfway by a tall and imposing figure, robed and coweled. He too spread his hands over the prostrate man, infusing his body with an azure light. Raising his eyes, he met the Lady’s gaze. Nodding once, he turned and strode toward the building, a faint bluish trail extending to the littered man as he maintained his enchantment.

Once in the infirmary, with the patient now transferred to a bed, the Lady dismissed her servants and barred the door. Turning slowly, she regarded the two monks.

“Is there any doubt?” Asked Tidus, concern creasing his usually jaunty expression.

“None” responded Whisper, “this is Kane Sharak, The Acolyte of Night” She crossed to the body and placed her hand on his breast, calling her energies to her, she pushed the power into his body.

Kane’s sudden groans galvanised the monks into action. The air began to hum with energy as they cast prayers and enchantments, some directed at the man laying between them, some to sustain slim woman as she continued to push energy and power through his broken body.

Her chanting, previously sotto voce rose in tone and strength. Suddenly, she withdrew her hands and commanded “Kane Sharak! Walk this plane once more!”

The detonation of power was phenomenal, the three were thrown backwards from the bed. A huge magenta cloud was coalescing around the body of Kane. Summoning more power, Whisper hurled it at the misty form. The cloud wavered and the dissipated with an audible ‘pop’. The two monks recovered with alacrity, azure power rode the room as they fought to keep the man alive.

Without warning, Kane Sharak raised himself from the bed. His eyes glassy and unseeing, he faced the open room and began to speak, his harsh tone filling the room in a guttural tongue.

The blood drained from the woman’s face. Backing away, she felt the cool wall behind her and slid slowly to the floor. The monks jumped forward, but the woman waved them away. Kane Sharak stopped speaking, and sagged to the bed, dead.

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Great start! Can't wait to see the next one!


The Night Whisper
02-12-2006, 09:14
cool, glad you liked it! I'll edit the next bit and post up ASAP.


02-12-2006, 16:50
Nice stuff, looking forward to the next bit.

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I FINALLY am starting to get caught up with other people's fics. I saw the comment you made up top and had to see what you were on about...

Of course you aren't Yggy and Kali, you're your own lovely voice. Very well written. I'd like to see where this is going, so get back to work!

Banes Son
06-12-2006, 23:41
I second that! Very nice turn of the muse. WRITE.MORE.NOW plz? :)

The Night Whisper
08-12-2006, 14:34
hey guys, been a helluva fortnight.... i think i might spend tonight and tomorrow writing, so... watch this space.

and thanks for the comments!!



The Night Whisper
09-12-2006, 14:20
Brother Falak went immediately to the side of the corpse, uttering a prayer to Dwayna, he began to chant. “There is no point” said Whisper from the floor, “you cannot return him.”

The monks turned to regard her. Incredulity on Falak’s face, a mixture of pride and fear on that of Tidus. The necromancer slumped wearily, shaking her head sadly, she regarded the prostrate body.

Walking over to her, Falak proffered his hand. “What did he tell you?”
“The hall is gone” she said simply. “We three are all that is left of the old order”

Falak cried out in pain, The air around Tidus crackled and the smell of burning ether filled the room. Falak fell to his knees beside Whisper, head bowed, he began to murmer the prayer to the departed soul. Tidus paced the room, his body outlined with crackling, azure flame.

Falak glanced up. “How do you do that?”
“Do what” rasped Tidus, the violence the seemingly genteel monk was threatening was overwhelming

“How do you make the very air feel like it’s about to ignite?”

Whisper laughed suddenly “Only you could stand on the brink of overwhelming disaster and discuss the finer points of the powers of Balthazar!”
Tidus let his ire drop. The room returned to normal.

Suddenly, Falak turned to their companion. “Holy Dwayna and Melandru!” darting forward, he walked to the body of Kane Sharak and removed something from his neck.

Walking back to Whisper, he placed the pendant in her hand. “May the blessing of Dwayna light your path; Acolyte of Night”

She looked at him. “And may Grenth guide your power, Brother Falak”

She closed her hand around the pendant. “We must recall the guild”

The Night Whisper
09-12-2006, 14:24
The door to the study opened. Tidus entered quickly, ushering in a petite woman and a young man, somewhere in his mid-teens. Falak and Whisper looked up from their discussion.

The woman, dressed in a richly embroidered robe and cape, crossed the room quickly and embraced the necromancer. “Dear Sister, it has been too long”
Whisper nodded. “It is good to see you Caecilia. Did you get word to Asuir?”
The woman nodded, “I spoke to him last night, he is somewhere in the Maguuma, he believes it will be about a month before he can get here”.

The necromancer nodded, ticking off names on her fingers as she spoke. “You, me, Tidus and Falak, Asuir. That’s five. Aleth will join us in Lion’s Arch, as will Soul” She paused, “I haven’t been able to make contact with Shaddow or Declan”

Falak snorted. “Declan is in Beacons Perch, earning thousands running people to the sigil at Droknar’s”

“Still?, my my, he must have amassed a fortune”

The monk nodded. “Always planning for a rainy day, that one”

“Just as well” drawled Caecilia, “since it would appear that our ‘rainy day’ has arrived!!”

“Ye Gods, your humour doesn’t improve does it Cis?” Tidus pushed himself off the wall where he had been leaning and crossed the room to the bookshelf “You been drinking to much rice wine again?” he added, peering over his shoulder and raising an eyebrow.

Caecilia glowered at him but said nothing. Titus began perusing the bookshelf and was soon lost in his search for whatever text it was he was looking for.

“Ah ha” he said suddenly and reaching out, he grasped a rather ragged copy of the ‘Orrian Chronicles’ and pulled. There was a loud crack, and the bookshelf slid outward, revealing a small door.

Whisper turned to the monk, One eyebrow raised and her mouth in a hard line.
“Why is it, Master Tidus, that you appear to know about a secret passageway in my study, moreover, one that I was not aware even existed?”

The monk winked at her. “Because it is my job to know these things” He shrugged, “besides, I think you will be pleasantly surprised ‘Night”

“I’ve asked you not to call me that, Tidus. I did not want the title”
“But it is yours Whisper” said Falak quietly
“I know Fal, I know” She sighed. Turning to the bookcase, she eyed the passageway warily. “Well Tidus, what’s down there?”

“Perhaps I can help there”, suggested Caecilia. She pulled the cowl of her hood further around her face and began to chant. Suddenly, a pale turquoise glow suffused the passageway as a shadowy figure appeared to sprout from the stone steps. The creature was a pale shade of green and glowed with an ethereal light. It swayed slightly and as it did so, the chains binding its intangible wrists rattled hollowly.

The ritualist grinned at them. “How’s that?”

“Very pretty” drawled Tidus. “Does it make tea too….Y’ouch!!!” He yelped as the spirit turned suddenly and spat a ball of green fire at him, catching him squarely on the rump. “That, my friend, was for the rice wine comment” Caecilia gathered her robes about her and proceeded down the passageway. “Coming then?” she shouted as she retreated around the corner.

Shrugging, the others followed her down the passage; the light from the spirits Caecilia summoned preventing them from stumbling. The passage ended after about fifty feet in a large, airy room, its walls lined with bookshelves and beaureaus. All of them empty. The floor was thick with dust.

“What is this ****-hole” The young man who had arrived with Caecilia spoke for the first time. “It’s dirtier than a Kaineng wench-house!” Moving with serpentine speed, he melted backwards in time to avoid the blow Whisper directed at his head. “At least they teach you something at that school of yours” she muttered. “Although” she added, turning to Tidus, “I do agree with his description. Coarse as it may be.”

Banes Son
09-12-2006, 16:52
Cool, you wrote more! I like the interaction between the charactors, very well done!

The Night Whisper
09-12-2006, 18:13
i find writing cathartic...if ur up to more literary crit Bane, i've got another chapter that i'm nearly done editing!



The Night Whisper
16-12-2006, 18:10
Okay, I wrote this three times, and I'm still not really happy, but hey, let me know what u think. ~Whisp

The next three weeks were spent in industrious cleaning and moving. The whole of Whisper’s library was transferred down into the newly acquired room, they left only the academic texts and Whisper’s teaching paraphernalia in the study, in order to give the pretence of a functioning academics office.

The most interesting find was yet another room leading off the cellar. There was no door handle and no keyhole. It was much to Tidus’ consternation that he couldn’t get the door open and what was even more annoying to him was that it was obviously warded. Despite his best efforts to blast open the door with Balthazar’s fire, and Killing’s attempt to shadow-step through it, the door remained impenetrable.

The assassin and the monk had become partners-in-crime and spent many hours attempting to access the hidden room, coming up with more and more hair-brained schemes to defeat the warded door.

The others, in the meantime had not been idle. The discovery of the basement room had changed their plans slightly. They now had a safe base of operation in the ruins of Ascalon. Travelling to Kryta was no longer necessary. Messages of all variety had been sent out to collegues, friends and old guild members. The autumnal equinox had been decided as the meeting date, since, as Falak had pointed out, it would give people an excuse to be here in large numbers.

“You’re turning into quite the master strategist” Whisper remarked after Falak had made the observation regarding the seasonal celebration.

“Not strategy my friend” smiled the monk. “Just simple logic”.

He, Caecilia and Whisper were sat in the evening shade in the garden, enjoying each others company and reminiscing over tales of previous exploits. Suddenly, a great commotion from outside the gates made conversation impossible.

A great storm of people had gathered in the market square and since Whisper’s townhouse overlooked the hustle and bustle of Ascalon’s main thoroughfare, the noise drifted readily into the walled courtyard.

The jeers and heckles of the crowd were evidence of the ugliness of the commotion. Whisper stood and turned to her friends, “I think we had better find out what the noise is about. I don’t want anymore surprises”. The unspoken reference to Kane Sharak’s arrival caused them all to turn to the marble stone, placed at the foot of the wall in his memory.

“Aye” said Falak, straightening up, “I agree”

Caecilia remained in her kneeling position, but had drawn her hood down over her eyes. Chanting in Canthan, she summoned two spirits into being, one on either side of the gate. She shrugged and rose “They may prove useful” she supplied.

“Pessimist” muttered Falak sourly.

“Not at all, just a precaution”

Whisper was already striding for the gates, motioning to the guards; she strode through the wrought-iron balustrades and into the market square.

“There she is!” shouted a voice from the crowd “She’s the demon-raiser!”

The crowd surged forward towards the necromancer, even as Falak and Caecilia came to her shoulders, before any of them could speak, a voice boomed out across the crowd.

“What is this?!? Can nobody meditate in peace in this city? What is the meaning of this infernal rumpus?”

Tidus came striding out of the gate, his figure and face a picture of righteous, ecclesiastical indignation.

A scruffy looking trader began to bark at Whisper, but before she could respond, he was suddenly huffing and puffing, holding his stomach and doubling over from a blow from the monk’s staff. Tidus glared at the crowd. “Still I have no answer! What is the cause of this, I will have answer” and he began flailing about with his staff, sending the crowd running from what appeared to be an old, and slightly insane, cleric.

Tidus’ ruse might have worked, if the Royal Guard hadn’t chosen that particular moment in time to jog into vision. Caecilia saw them first, and uttered a particularly ugly oath.

“Mistress Whisper!” The leader of the guard looked at the necromancer.

“Yes Captain?” Whisper was careful to make it obvious that she understood the man’s rank, she did not want this situation deteriorating.

“You are to be taken to His Highness for questioning”

“Questioning regarding what Captain?”

“That is not important, you can either come willingly now, or I shall take you by force”

Whisper sighed, the situation was deteriorating rapidly without any help from her.

“Are you arresting me?”

“Not if you come willingly Mistress”

“M’lady” Caecilia corrected him almost absently.

“Pardon?!” said the captain. “You what?!?”

“It is customary to address the High Priestess of Grenth as M’lady, not ‘Mistress’; and” she added, almost as an afterthought “seeing as how you are addressing the High Priestess of Grenth, you should be performing the proper observances, shouldn’t you?”

Falak caught the ruse. “I also believe, and you can correct me on this if I am wrong my dear captain, but if the Prince requires information from her Grace, then he should be coming over personally to request it eh?” This statement was delivered with such drawl that it was plain to everyone present that the monk was not in the slightest bit unsure about the correctness of his belief.

The captain stammered and stuttered, then, remembering himself , he straightened his uniform and glared at the small party.

“I will convey your message to the Prince, M’lady” He spat the last syllables as if they stuck in his throat. Turning, he moved off with his guards down the street.

The trio make good their escape back into the compound, Tidus followed shortly, after lecturing the crowd on the reprehensible act of disturbing a servant of Balthazar whilst meditating.

Once inside the grounds, his act dropped abruptly. “Close, too close”

“Agreed, and I’m not sure how wise it was to reveal me as an Acolyte Fal”

“I know, but the whole scene was degenerating rapidly”

Suddenly, a streak of purple and black zipped out of the house, forestalling further discussion.

“Its open, Tidus, Ma, its opened”

The assassin stopped to catch his breath. “The door, it just swung open. I was trying to shadow step through it, and suddenly, there was nothing to step through”


The five dashed down to the cellar, where the door to the annex had swung inwards to reveal a pedestal emanating with a curious weaving light.

“Tidus” breathed Whisper

“Holy Dwayna. A sigil!”

Falak moved towards the glowing colonnade “the question is, does it work?”

A new voice spoke from the shadow of the cellar. “The more important question, Monkey-boy, is what we are going to do about the troop of soldiers about to start battering down your gates”

Banes Son
17-12-2006, 00:01

Too cool! I have no idea what you didn't like about that chapter.

17-12-2006, 05:05
Very, very nice :) I like it muchly!

The Night Whisper
17-12-2006, 11:41
thanks guys :)

I've got the chapter that follows this kinda done.... I just need to figure out how to get from here to there lol


17-12-2006, 14:56
hm..you said you didn't like something. well, tbh, i think the change in the action was too sudden. From the mistery and lack of knowledge from the closed door, to the crowd outside. The 2 planes of existence in the chapter didn't quite relate untill the end.

Also i noticed that you didn't put enough accent on the point of maximum emotional tension in this chapter. A better description of the situation might've stopped the time, creating a static image, more of a plane of being without the time coordinate. Making a stress point is necessary, imo, creates a greater bond between the reader and the writing.

Also, i didn't understand why is it such a bad thing for the Prince to ask the Priestess some questions. Maybe i missed something but i didn't get it why is it such a bad thing.

Not trying to make you feel bad, no, but i know when you're writing some guidelines can improve the creation.

Overall, good job. My fav chapter was the one with the hidden coridor, as it had several elements, such as: humour and mystery (which i am very fond of. But that's just me).

The Night Whisper
18-12-2006, 00:25
i kno what u mean, but i needed to get some ideas nailed down there, cos i'm gonna return to them later. Sorry it was patchy guys, hopefully the next bit will make stuff clearer.


18-12-2006, 07:07
aye, not knowing the whole story makes it a lil confusing at first. waiting for the next chapters :)

The Night Whisper
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sorry, work overwhelming me at the mo. i have some drafts tho, so hopefully by new year, all will be as clear as mud!


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All good so far :)

The Night Whisper
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ooooh! the lady herself arrives!!

who did you think the new voice belonged too!!

I hope I do you justice!


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:grin: I'm sure you will!!!