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02-12-2006, 15:50
I am wondering if someone could shed some light on the gold superstatues of the gods that have been found in various areas.

The first superstatue I came across was of Balthazar in Vasburg Armory. Rather appropriate, given the significance of the location - best armor and weapons in the Echovald forest, family devotion to securing the armory, etc.

The second gold superstatue I found was the statue of Lyssa in the Temple of Sebhorin. Again this statue had locational significance, as the temple is on the Mirror of Lyss in a land where Lyssa is the patron goddess.

The third - and last that I've found - superstatue that I found I almost missed because I wasn't looking for it and didn't think there was any reason that the outpost would have it. There is a gold superstatue of Dwayna in Wehhan Terraces, set on a nice little steppe in an area we can't get to. It looks as if this spot had been pretty darned important once, especially given the landscaping around the superstature.

Has anyone found any other superstatues? Is there a way to find the significance of the superstatue of Dwayna?

02-12-2006, 18:21
I have seen golden statues within the mesa at Augury Rock, and I have observed them in the Hall of Heroes.

Quintus Antonius
02-12-2006, 18:24
Read the outpost title for Wehhan Terrace, it used to be the Great Temple of Dwayna. I've theorized that there is one company or guild (similar to the Xunlai's) producing the statues. Gold statues just show that whomever bought it has some extra money to shell out to show more power and significance of their location. In most pantheonic religions this was indeed the case. For instance, in Rome, you could buy little handheld replicas of greater statues in the temples of the Forum.

lynx raven raide
02-12-2006, 22:05
i know it isnt exactly from a lore point of view (i will think of something), but maybe the devs decided to put them in since every ressurection shrine has a statue of one of the gods? from the Lore side, it could be said that some one, either influentual or wealthy or of a wealthy organisation, saw all these monuments everywhere and thought 'i/we could do better.' As to who? could be a guild, like the Xulani, or it could have been an Emperor, which is probably what I am betting on.

Indigo Montari
05-12-2006, 17:59
As for the statue of Balthazar in Vasburg Armory, I always thought that was made of solid amber

Quintus Antonius
05-12-2006, 19:45
That's an interesting idea Indigo? Could the Kurzicks, those devout gods-fearing Germans that they are, be making the statues? And that the "golden" statues are actually Amber? It makes sense. The normal statues are made of petrified wood, and the golden ones are made from amber. The Kurzicks are world reknown for their superior architecture and art abilities.