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06-12-2006, 17:31
began this thread as i couldn't find the same theory anywhere else, and the "of giganticus lupicus" thread had become more of a "search for evidence & post here" thread. Is it possible that the giganticus lupicus were Titans? we know the titans were on the face of Tyria some time in the distant past, but got locked away, and we know that the giganticus lupicus were on the face of Tyria in the distant past, and disappeared. this is backed up by the fact that "giganticus lupicus" and all the titan bosses' names are latinate. the only thing that contradicts my theory is that the titans must have been on the face of tyria to influence the charr into invading, while the manuscripts say "LAST sign of giganticus lupicus" was so long before that. thoughts?

Quintus Antonius
06-12-2006, 17:40
I wish all threads were "search for evidence and post here" threads.

The GL cannot be the Titans. This is why: According to Mularc's Titan research, the Titans are infact non-corporeal spirits. This was confirmed in the Domain of Anguish. The Titans are spirits that use their enviroment to form a body, this is why we see Frost Titans, Fire Titans, Rotting Titans, etc etc, and also why Madness Titans are beetles. Titans have the ability to possess living creatures, such as Rock Beetles. The GL were fully corporeal creatures, we know this because they left behind carcasses and bones, something the Titans do not.

So no, the Titans are not the GL. I say this with full confidence.

06-12-2006, 18:40
but it was never proven that those bones did indeed come from the giganticus lupicus. as much as it was theorised, the only actual solid thing we KNOW about them is what it says in the manuscripts. this is an alternate theory. i understand about their true spirit-like form, but humans could have just had them down in history as their typical tripod shapes, just like the Charr do.

Durza the Shadeking
06-12-2006, 23:04
So you're saying some Titans were last seen 10,000(GL on timeline) years ago before now...and then they disapeared...and how do we humans know of them...The only reason I could think of would be if they were corpreal, otherwise how could we have ever know when they were alive and about. The Titans are not corpreal, thus I do not think the Titans were GL.

If we have more evidence in your favor, I would be glad to reconsider my opinion, yet of late, I do not think Titans weree the GL.

lynx raven raide
07-12-2006, 01:46
how about this for a shot in the dark: the titans are the spirits or whatever of the GL. something happened (god influence maybe?) to change them to this form. maybe the gods of that time saw them as a threat, and they couldnt be easily eliminated, so they ended up what we know as titans. as i said, it is just a shot in the dark.

07-12-2006, 17:29
afraid not Lynx, the titans are explained to be twisted souls from the realm of torment. In response to Durza, sure, their true form is spirit-like, but they went down in charr history as the tripods they inhabitted, so it's possible they went down in human history that way as well.

Quintus Antonius
07-12-2006, 20:12
The Charr directly interacted with the Titans, the GL disappeared before people even existed.

lynx raven raide
07-12-2006, 21:18
but that is what i am getting at. maybe the GL were like the prototype humans or something, they angered the gods for some reason and were destroyed, but for some reason their souls went to the realm of torment. is there any mention of the Titans interacting with the Charr in anything other than a non-corporeal form, because if there is, then my theory is kaput, but if there isnt, it could be taken into concideration (using the surrounds to form a body doesn't count)

teh Monkeys
08-12-2006, 09:43
The Titans are failed creations and/or tortured souls, locked away in the realm of torment. It's not said when they were locked up, if I recall correctly.

Is it possible that the giganticus lupicus were Titans?


The GL were fully corporeal creatures, we know this because they left behind carcasses and bones, something the Titans do not.

The creatures I theorized are Giganticus Lupicus left behind carcasses and bones. The focus of my research is and always has been finding out how these creatures lived, what they looked like, where they lived, etc. My research did/does not focus on proving that these creatures were infact GL, as all I have to go on is one sentance in an outdated and often contradicting lore manuscript.

Please remember that 90% of our findings in these forums are nothing more than theories and hypotheses, Quintus.

Quintus Antonius
08-12-2006, 13:15
All science (with the exception of physics) is nothing more than theories and hypotheses. When there is strong evidence supporting something, sometimes you have to go with it, especially when someone else comes along with no evidence.

14-12-2006, 21:18
But very little actual science comes into GW lore. looking at the facts, all we know is that
1) SOMETHING left behind giant skeletons and bones.
2) a creature called giganticus lupicus lived thousands of years ago.
i would not regard this as strong evidence, just a possibility. Besides, there are more than one kind of skeleton around. it's just as probable that both of these skeletons belonged to entirely non-GL related creatures. i'm not trying to push the possibility out of mind, just keep people's minds open to other possibilities.

teh Monkeys
15-12-2006, 11:22
Who knows, maybe some new evidence comes to light in the future, proving that all the bones belonged to a species of prehistoric Moa Bird called Stupidus Maximus. Care factor: zero.

As I said before, all it is is a likely scenario. And as far as I know, the only one, as Titans don't fit the bill, as previously stated.

Rob Van Der Sloot
16-12-2006, 17:20
The Foundry of Failed Creations and the titans

From the scribe:

In the Foundry of Failed Creations, your party of adventurers will face enemies with an all-too-familiar past. It is here that the great Titans were created by demonic forces within the Domain of Anguish. Were it not for this foundry, the Charr never would have attacked the human kingdoms of Tyria. Ascalon's fields would not have been scorched and destroyed by the Searing. Orr, the legendary home of the Five Gods, would have never sunk into the sea. Indeed, the Flame Seeker Prophecies could never have came to pass were it not for the twisted minds that created the horrific and sadistic false gods known as the Titans.