View Full Version : Suggestions for the Party Search Window

21-12-2006, 18:01
I kind of like the new party search window, but there are some changes that would make it better IMO:

Filters ... since trades, quests, missions, and hunting are all mixed together, it would be nice to have filters like the those on the chat window. For example if you are only interested in window shopping what players are offering for sale or trade, you can toggle off the other listings.

Message length ... The allowed message length seems a bit short, especially for trading purposes if someone is trying to provide more detail (or more than one item) for sale. I can understand allowing only one active message at a time from a player to prevent spamming the listings like what happens to the chat channels all too often

Vote-kick messages system ... I guess this is more of a personal nitpick, but it annoys me when the non-trade chat channels are flooded by careless (or deliberate) trade messages. I've already seen message that are obviously trade oriented flooded into mission, quest, and hunting listings. It would be nice to be able to vote kick or something these messages such that if a few people click a "this message is in the wrong category" button the offending listing is moved or delisted for a time or something. This would go a long way to encourage sellers and other abusers to give up abusing the party search system. I see this abuse getting worse if party search filtering is implimented, much like trade spam is flooded on the general chat channel because people turn off the trade channel. Though I suppose such a vote kick system could be abused on its own. I'm not sure what would be a good balance.

As for the trade listing themselves, there is still the problem of being in the right place at the right time for potential buyers and sellers to find each other. The trade listings at least get around the problem of being in the right district though. I still wish such trade listings were global, or at least chapter-wide in the major cities. I can still imagine people resorting to hopping between major cities to look for or sell certain items... I suppose ANET could force the issue by making the trade listing option only available in one major city per chapter (LA, Kamadan, Kaineng) so that everyone knows that there is one particular city that serves as a nexus for buying and selling instead of resorting to hopping back and forth between LA and Droks for example.

Guild recruiting listing ... I think this would be a good listing type for guilds and alliances that are looking to recruit new member players and guilds. These types of listings don't really fit into the other listing categoires very well and deserve there own listing category I think since the party search window could be useful as a handy recruiting tool.

Miss Inverse
21-12-2006, 19:37
Another very important little bit would be:

Please enable the advertising function of the search window also for inside guild halls!

We're trying to implement a pickup-schedule for our alliance guilds. So if you could just enable the group advertising feature inside guild halls it would be very helpful. Since then someone could just park an invite character at an alliance guild hall with a group advertising and wait for people to arrive.
And people could just warp to a guild hall and inspect the search function to instantly see if and which alliance activities are being advertised for the evening.