View Full Version : Boon Prot still viable in GvG?

28-12-2006, 21:08
First, a little backstory.

My guild is looking to become more involved with GvG. Early on in the BWEs and again towards the 6 months prior to the release of factions, we GvG'd semi-regularly.

One of our members plays almost exclusively monk. He has not played since prior to the release of Factions, and as such, only has Core and Proph skills available. Way back then, Boon Prot was a definate advantage to have.

With the heavy use of dis-enchantment skills, is Boon Prot still viable in GvG? I'm not talking about top-end matches, but in the normal world of competetive play. I know some nerfs, like the one to OoB and to MoR have made for limited effectiveness as well, but I was thinking about an EDrain build for him.

So... is Boon Prot still a way to go, or is the landscape too different to run that? If so, what might you suggest. We are just getting "back on the horse", so I don't expect him to run out and get either F or NF, so we will be working within the limits of Core and Proph skills.

This would be part of a two monk backline, with an Emo runner providing support as well. Our basic build is attempting to be a balanced build, hoping to deliver pressure.

So... Any pointers for a Monk with just that campaign to work with?

28-12-2006, 22:09
in the normal mode of competetion people are worried about conditions and W/A shadow prison adrenline spikers. Enchantments despite the creation of a enchantment heavy class is not be removed in record breaking speed...in fact enchantment removal is just about non-existent. Except for the occasional nature renewal ranger.

Parker Bsb
28-12-2006, 23:17
CoP - nerfed, Inspiration line - nerfed, DB - nerfed... I wouldn't suggest running a boon monk except in some very specific builds.

Seeing as this is a 2 monk backline does the other monk have Factions/NF?

RC monks are still very viable and quite potent. Couple that with a divert hex monk and you have a versatile build that can handle most types of pressure damage.

28-12-2006, 23:57
I know some nerfs, like the one to OoB and to MoR have made for limited effectiveness as well, but I was thinking about an EDrain build for him.
EDrain got nerfed too, as did Drain Enchantment and IHex. Monks now are basically built around Gift of Health (Factions), Signet of Devotion (Core), Reversal of Fortune (Core), and Shield of Absorption (Nightfall).

29-12-2006, 02:06
They are still viable in GvG but with only prophecies you are not going to be able to make a good one.

Parker Bsb
29-12-2006, 13:40
I tried making a Core/Prof monk last night, it didn't do terrible - but as others have mentioned there are better alternatives out there now.

Restore Conditions {E}
Reversal of Fortune
Mend Condition (dismiss = better but it nightfall)
Guardian (Sheild of Absorption = better but it's nightfall)
Holy Veil or Smite hex depending on comfort level
Glyph of Lesser Energy
Signet of Devotion

Without relying on assassin secondary for dark escape or return I wanted to either have an aegis chain, a warder, or Mo/W with balanced stance and sheild bash...

30-12-2006, 01:17
It sure seems like RC is the way to go for a proph only monk.

Thanks for the help, everyone. We've decided to go with an RC prot build, as this monk will also be working alongside another monk with both NF and Factions unlocks. That monk will likely be running a BLight build, and both will be supported by a LoD monk runner.

The hope is, that once the proph only player get's back into GvG, he will decide to make the commitment and go ahead and get the other two games (or at least the PvP versions).

Thanks again!

18-01-2007, 17:19
I still use boon prot for gvg. I use all prophecies skills even though i have nightfall. I run one superior divine and 11 inspiration. Still works well if you ask me and my guild doesn't complain at all since we use 4 heroes in gvg anyway. I use

Reversal Of Forune
Prot Spirit
Mend Condition
Sig of Dev
Mantra of Recall (E)
Inspired Hex
Divine Boon

Our guild actually beated many top 100 guild teams last season with a backline of myself and a light of deliverance dunkuro. Can't say it will work well for your guild since we run a high dmg build with a defensive paragon. . IMO boon prot can only work with the right build, frontline and backline.