View Full Version : Hows this....N/R??

29-12-2006, 20:58
My guild usually just does some GvG every now and then for the fun of it, and me and another guildy always both run this build...

Vampiric Spirit{E}
Barbed Signet
Vampiric Gaze
Shadow Strike
LifeBane Strike
Dryders Defense
Storm Chaser
Troll Unguent

Yes it lacks a res sig, but we have a won a few GvG's.....
storm chaser renews energy, dryders for protection, with Vamp spirit on, you can sap off 300 damage in 4 seconds.....600 if your buddy is with you..and you get 200 of it back...

just a thought any one wanna comment??

Parker Bsb
29-12-2006, 21:28
Post a team build otherwise we cant comment on how good your build is.