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evil cheas
04-01-2007, 21:58
now we know that all gods have an army.
we also know that the gods itself doesnt fight they send their armys (lazy gods...)
i was wondering what are the armys of each god.
we know that balthazar army is the eternals.
abbadon army is the margonites.
menzies have the shadow army.
grenth army is not showed at his realm so we dont know hes army.
and same for the rest of the gods. so what are their armys?

04-01-2007, 23:58
there is a quest in the underworld where an ice golem (or something like that) needs to be defended to summon more allies. could this be part of grenths missing army?

Zaa Nayazu
05-01-2007, 12:33
Well, this might be kinda related seen as they "are" part of Grenths servants, but the grenthies during wintersday do belong to Grenth and obay his command. So they "might" be part of his army. I'm also thinking about the Rift Warden. There probably are more than one and they seem to follow Grenth also.

Quintus Antonius
05-01-2007, 13:19
The Reapers too. Also, some of the units in the UW, such as Ataxes and the like are probably Grenth's forces.

05-01-2007, 13:54
Why armys, they don't need them. Well abbadon uses margonites but he's more of a bad-guy than an entiteled god. God's prefer to send out their chosen heros ( you and all other players ). Face it we're just pawns for them, even if we tend to see ourselves as godlike creatures. :rolleyes:

spoiler ahead ....

Even abbadon had best results thanks to the lich king, the fortune-teller, shiro and varesh. Considering the numbers of foes killed by a single player or the chaos caused by individual bad-guys, army's are but canon-fodder. At best one could consider them a plague ( reference to the charr ).

Of course their are several races especially dewoved to one god, but that doesn't make them his army, only his followers.

Raven Flameheart
05-01-2007, 14:16
The fact they have armies, and fight using them means that there must be a clear way for non-Gods to affect the God's power-struggles. The Terrorweb's imprisoning of the reapers clearly weakens Grenth's control over his realm, as they seem to be the wardens of the area, and without thier control, beings like the Four Horsemen can break free, or souls can be sent undeservedly to Torment (clearly breaking Grenth's nature of justice). Since the avatars seem so desperate for our help, it seems like this is a definate threat. Meanwhile, Abaddon's Margonites were part of an assault on the others. This further re-enforces the fact that the Gods aren't all-powerful, and are able to wax and wane in power.

So the question is, how can the Gods be weakened? Through the control of key shrines? (Like the desecration of the Temple of the Six Gods - was that a direct attack on the strength of the other gods?) or a more conventional magical fazzap on thier physical forms? (when the Margonites attacked the other Gods, they were still living in Arah)

EDIT : Actually, we don't know that all the Gods have an army. Abaddon's followers were altered dramatically by his power made to take down the other gods, whilst Balthazar clearly has a loyal army (he's the God of War after all). The origin of Menzies' forces is unknown, but it seems a relatively new (in the grand timeline of the Gods) development in FoW, as can be seen by the Wailing Lord's lack of commitment to either side - the longer the combat went on, the more likely he would be to have chosen a side to support. Grenth's "army" actually seems more like supervisors to make sure his realm is in working order; which is why Dhuum's forces could take control so easily. That still leaves Lyssa, Melandru and Dwayna, whether they have an "army" or not is still unclear.

Quintus Antonius
05-01-2007, 18:04
Balthazar's army is the Zaishen, and Balthazar's Eternals.

05-01-2007, 19:04
Melandru's 'army' could be the druids.

05-01-2007, 20:02
The ice elementals (underworld variety) are Grenth's TEMPLE GUARD, but he may use them as some sort of army as well.

05-01-2007, 22:48
oops sorry i mean PALACE GUARD not TEMPLE GUARD. too late to edit.

teh Monkeys
06-01-2007, 16:17
The Forgotten could probably be counted as the gods' collective army aswell.

Quintus Antonius
06-01-2007, 16:29
At one time, yeah, but the Forgotten are almost gone now, and seem to be stewards more than actual soldiers now.

06-02-2007, 16:47
I think we might well count the "chosen" or us into this equation. Afterall we are the worshipers of the gods in all 3 campaigns. Our usage to them is mostly shown to us in nightfall though. They give us their blessing (as big a differance as it made :P) before we fight abbadon who is their primary enemy at the time. We go to the fissure of woe and serve to protect it for balthazar along with the eternals. We go down into the underworld to help grenth's reapers restore order to their god's realm. We also go to the domain of anguish to defeat mallyx the unyielding who threatens the existence of the goddess of truth.

The god's best and most widely used army. Us :)

But hey let's not rule out the Order of whispers here. Once the secret order of Turai Ossa they have pretty much become the private army of the goddess of truth and fight for her in the DoA.

08-02-2007, 15:17
Everyone knows Grenths army consists of Grenches, we see them every year. :grin:


08-02-2007, 17:44
Everyone knows Grenths army consists of Grenches, we see them every year. :grin:


Oh no! abbadon is sending is army of powerful mutated magic wielding margonites against me! go my grenthces! muahahahaha!

09-02-2007, 18:00
At one time, yeah, but the Forgotten are almost gone now, and seem to be stewards more than actual soldiers now.
They are presumably extinct on Tyria... but there is an abundance of them in the Realm of Torment. Now that we know the gods created worlds before and after ours, and the Forgotten were summoned to Tyria (not created there) it's possible that there are a lot more than we have seen on the other side of some gateway in the mists.

Quintus Antonius
09-02-2007, 18:20
I wouldn't exactly use the word "Abundence". There's probably less then 100.

11-02-2007, 11:20
Hmmmm, that makes me hope for a lot more interdimensional travel in future Gw chapters :)

I'd love to go the forgottens home dimension. Big forgotten citadels etc :)