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04-01-2007, 22:02
I got this idea from the Grandpapa Nurgle Build (http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=406412) I think ive improved a bit on it. Thanks to hotdogtesting for the idea.

The idea of this build is to gank a target with 5 conditions and Vial Miasma for a total of -14 degen, plus cripple. This is done by 3 attacks and a net total of 30 energy (not including the preparation, which brings it up to 40 energy).


A bow with a +1 Marksmanship and a cripple (or bleeding) extension mod
A +1 Dead staff, or a +1 wand with an extra energy offhand
Superior Death Rune and a +1 death magic scar pattern

Just have to say that the pvp equipment panel is great! = ]


Barbed Arrows

Pin Down


Vile Miasma

Serpents Quickness

Troll Unguent or Taste of Pain

Storm Chaser or Dryder's Defenses

Antidote Signet</SPAN>

Barbed arrows allows for some spamable conditions.

Pin down prevents escape from you team mates (this is after all a team gank build), and allows you to get the full cast. It also has a nice panic effect. This is the first attack, couple it with Barbed Arrows

Virulence is the key to this build, it applys 3 of the five conditions for a lovable 5 energy!

Vile Miasma adds degen and a bit of damage.

The rest are utilities.

Serpents quickness can greatly help virulence recharge, a 5 energy cost makes it easy to maintain

Troll Unguent is probably the better of the two choices, since you donít need a half dead guy to use it. However, Taste of has a decent amount of healing; your choice

Antidote Signet: I have found that the disease can get back to you easily. Itís also nice to have just in case. Plague touch works just as well.

Dryder's Defensesand Storm Chaser are useful in case you get in troble. Rez could be used here as well

A good combo is to have a tank or assassin use tainted flesh. This would keep them from getting infected, and also spread a condition for Virulence to work. A degen mesmer or nuker would make a nice addition to your gank squad. And of course, a monk to heal.

In alliance battles this build works nicly. I havenít added Pin down to my necro yet. However the degen works wonders on NPCís for capping. Barbed arrows makes it easy to spread degen, and those NPCís are grouped quite nicely for disease to spread. A tank should finish them off easly. Just make sure he has some form of disease removal or tainted flesh on him

I have no experience yet on a gvg battle, however from what Iíve heared about them, this should do nicely there.

In Random Arena this is a sick and twisted newb powner. Rock on!

Any comments?

07-01-2007, 17:05
Hm, nice idea

But, eeh: the max degen you can get is -10...so why have skills for -14?

08-01-2007, 18:54
-10 is correct for max degen, but if I understand correctly, if one of the conditions runs out or is taken off, the balance still active of the -14 will kick in.

08-01-2007, 20:21
The -14 degen counters up to +4 regen so they will still be at the -10 max if they happened to cast mending or healing breeze for +4.

08-01-2007, 21:37
degen = pressure. Seeing as it's capped at 20dps, which is still taking half a minute to kill anyone with no healing whatsoever. For pressure to be effective it is mandatory to be able to prevent pressure counters in any form of vaguely organised pvp - shut down LoDs, e/mo heal party spammers, healing signet (a reasonably high tactics healing signet can counter your entire build without even using any energy!). This is like 'it's a godly build as long as no-one on the other team has any self healing and there are no rts or monks or dervish healers'. Which translates as 'this build is really not very good'.