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Jordan Faith
07-01-2007, 13:32
seriously, 8v8 needs to be brought back. 90% of people who play 6v6 know that the spiritway crap has flooded through the system. i know people will say ' yeah, but if we go back to 8v8, it'll only get worse. ' think about this though, with all the new skills out there, IWAY, VIMWAY which have already been hit hard by the nerf hammer, will NOT return. Vimway requires you TARGET the person, hardly useful. Iway - same thing pretty much. Zergway - gets rolled by a necro with vocal minority.

Now lets touch on the subject of the ele spike. Mantras.
wow, all of a sudden, your problems with eles go away. interesting how that works, huh? Bloodspike - counter, kite, have good monks, and spike 1 of them down. the minute 1 is down, their spike is off. just like Mystic Wrath, they do fall easily to grenths dervishes. idk why, but something about 6 soft targets attempting to spike really doesnt cut it for me. ;)

In reality, if you want to bring back 8v8, all you really would have to do is some skill updates. which are already planned i've been told. so what's the damn problem with satisfying the crowd on what they really really want. I know for a fact there are higher ranking, Hardcore players who are so sick of this 6v6 crap, that they are talking about quitting the game all toghether.


in the end thats what this is all about, making money so they could release more games, and continue the cycle. so why sit here and piss off the general population and keep it someway that people dont like. :)

think of the people.. the only reason we liked the 6v6 weekend is cause it was double fame. that meant any noob could get r3 in a matter of hours, instead of the usual 2-4 weeks it takes them to find good groups. personally that took me about 2 hrs, but that's besides the point.

i dont know if anyone else is like me on this, but im seriously pissed off all to hell about 6v6. so seriously. BRING IT BACK.

theres no reason why it couldnt be. so give the people what they want.


Jordan Faith. - Monk Of ToRe

Amor Morte
09-01-2007, 16:29
'Vimway requires you TARGET the person, hardly useful. Iway - same thing pretty much.'

I don't remember any 'major' skill changes to the IWAY skill. Nothing as major as what VIM went through anyway.

Unless I am badly mistaken, then IWAY will be back in 8v8, and will be stronger than ever with a decent para or two thrown into the mix.

Spirit-way crap? Some of these spirit teams are really pretty damn good. And my guild for one already has a heavily spirit based nr build ready for when 8v8 comes back.

With that out of the way, I agree totally. yes most of us are sick of 6v6. It was a poorly thought out, poorly researched and poorly implemented idea at best. Though, I am pretty sure ANet know what most current HA players out there think already.

I wouldn't hold your breath for a change to 8v8 however. Not sure why, but I think that there's a chance ANet might not go back on themselves. Then again there is always the chance they will.

erm.. In conclusion.. Wait till after the event.

09-01-2007, 16:33
If I remember correctly, the poll asking about 6vs6 was made quite some time after the event.

Also, it's been said by the people who have the actual data (Gaile for instance) that the majority prefers 6vs6 over 8vs8

Amor Morte
09-01-2007, 17:13

The majority prefer 6v6?


Which majority would this be? The non-existant majority which ANet made up? Because last time i checked, the majority of people have been letting it known quite verbally of their severe distaste for 6v6.

Majority my ***.

Djinn Effer
09-01-2007, 18:01
Read the first page next time. (http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=424066&page=15) Thanks. Oh, and I did quit the game all together.

Parker Bsb
09-01-2007, 21:47
Not to mention this thread (http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=424066)