View Full Version : When will these be fixed?

23-02-2007, 13:14
I'm sure we who play AB have experienced the strange bug where the countdown (once you enter the AB map) reaches 00:00 and nothing happens. Both sides have to resign, but generally it's impossible for everyone to actually type /resign, so really you're forcing everyone to pop back into their halls to get back into their respective districts again hoping to find the people you were grouped with again.

Okay... why hasn't this been fixed? Has it even been suggested before to the development team? I'm quite sure it's been brought up before.

Also, isn't it time they put a scribe in the waiting area of the respective AB maps. I mean, being a Kurzick I'm used to the obscene wait times, but surely I can dump my Faction without leaving my team and going back to the halls?

25-02-2007, 17:01
Hmm, I never encountered something like this...in what districts do you play?

25-02-2007, 17:33
I've seen these timer bugs a few times. I'd not say it happens often but it's frustrating when it does, as you say.

They put balthazar priests in the wait areas, which weren't there initially I think? (as it used to not give any balthazar faction in AB). I don't see why it's not possible to add a faction transfer and amber npc there, since that's what people are there to generate kurzick/luxon currency for. Just one more overlooked feature I regret, one I doubt they're aware could be useful.