View Full Version : AB teasers

Pummeling Giant
09-04-2007, 19:54
please post your teaser builds here (I.E. a warrior that can tank alot of people to aggrivate them)

my build is a Rt/Mo build to heal myself very easily.

Wielders Boon
Weapon of Warding
Spirit Light
Mend body & Soul
Heal Party
Healing Breeze
Flesh of My Flesh

this is actually a primary healer build, meant to heal others, but I've found it quite easy to heal myself while being mobbed by many different people. I mainly just use Recuperation so i can easily spam Spirit Light and Mend Body & Soul to keep me alive and w/out conditions.

an alternative if you want to heal just yourself for pure teasing, i would replace heal party for sothing memories and flesh of my flesh for generous was tsungrai.

hope you enjoy!

Jono Mozza
16-04-2007, 18:09
I do a monk with recall. Put in on someone at the start who'll be on the other side of the map, get in trouble and bang hop out!

mmorpg man
16-04-2007, 18:43
an elementalist using just water snares and gale. thats almost as much fun as being an annoying mesmer