View Full Version : How many different team builds does your guild use?

lioka pelenoria
16-04-2007, 18:15
This is a very simple poll and a good question for any guild who gvgs. How many different team builds do you use? If they're distinct, count them, if not, count the variations to the build you use and respond to that.

David Holtzman
16-04-2007, 23:36
What makes something a different team build by your standards? If I run Eurospike with 2 mel dervishes, is that a different team build than one with 1 hammer 1 dervish?

17-04-2007, 03:31
My guild runs grab 8 and go. I guess you could say we have a few hundred different builds :/

17-04-2007, 22:43
In general, my guild will have 2 or 3 builds at any one time. As we play with the builds, we make small adjustments to see what works better based on the current metagame and any buffs/nerfs.

18-04-2007, 16:38
1 with a couple of profs switched now and again depending on Meta.

Learn to play with one build rather than discard it just because of a couple of losses. Radically changing a build is never a good thing, obs your losses and fill in your weaknesses.

18-04-2007, 18:22
Our guild leader makes builds like people eat popcorn, too freakishly many!

Radiant Dawnstar
06-05-2007, 13:00
1 crap build and 1 more crappy variation. We're still 300ish though, so I don't mind.

B Ephekt
06-05-2007, 16:49
We switch up a lot to test things out for the ATs.

14-06-2007, 17:01
We try out new builds with out guild till we find one that we play descent , when we start loosing again we go looking for new builds till we find a build again and start winning again. thats pretty mutch the cyclus , we also make sure that evry member has infuence of the builds (that we always make up together)