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19-04-2007, 22:36
I decided to make a RA/TA/AB Wail of Doom build, the skill is pretty useless in PvE but it's IMO one of the most fun skills to use in PvP. especially against 'sins who often just run away from you when they see the recharge timer on their attack chain :grin:

the build:

SR 12+3+1 (sup isn't really necessary but I had the mask anyways)
Curses 8+1
Deadly Arts 10

Wail of Doom
Signet of Lost Souls
Iron Palm
Enfeebling Touch
Entangling Asp
Augury of Death
Signet of Toxic Shock
Rez Sig

I also put it on gwshack: clicky (http://gwshack.us/8faf7)

The title at gwshack still says untested but I got a glad point with it today (I know it doesn't mean very much but it's something)

Basically you look for warriors/'sins/rangers/dervishes on the enemy team and interrupt one of their first attacks with WoD, then use enfeebling touch on them to almost nulify their damage output. Then you pick a target you want dead, if it's a caster use augury->iron palm->(wait until he's standing again) entangling->sig of toxic shock (this won't kill them, you will need other damage dealers on your team.) You can also use enfeebling on a caster for some damage or a condition for Iron palm KD if augury is recharging. Against an attacker you do the same only throw in enfeebling touch somewhere.

If you've used Augury of death before you'll know it's a very useful skill besides using it in this "chain". If an enemy is kiting and on low health, slap on AoD and wand for instakill, combine the shadow step with Iron Palm for a KD to allow melee attackers on your team some time to finish the target etc.

The main point of this build is having more fun shutting down melee than stacking hexes on them, and with this you don't have te worry about hex removal :grin:

20-04-2007, 00:37
Wail of Doom is an extremely underrated elite...

About your build... I don't know about all the assassin skills, I would stick with more curses, less deadly arts.

20-04-2007, 12:21
About your build... I don't know about all the assassin skills, I would stick with more curses, less deadly arts.

I made the build because I found spamming wither/RM and a bunch of other degen hexes on the other team getting a bit boring, besides there is no way to shut down casters in the curse line (except shivers of dread and the clone which means you will have to stand still and wand hoping to interrupt something) two KD's and a DW make them a lot easier target for melee and stop them from casting for a few seconds. I tried combining it with domination hexes as well and found it much more boring to play and not much more effective.

Masoj Hunett
22-04-2007, 03:01
well if i were on my sin and you did that to me...I would be very mad :(

looks like an interesting build. Nice to hear that it works out fine! good work...just please don't use it on my sin :P