View Full Version : how do i set my default browser in windows?

26-05-2007, 20:36
right now, it's with IE. How can i change it to firefox?

The Pointless
26-05-2007, 20:38
Open FF

Goto Tools > Options

The open the Main tab, and look under System Defaults. There should be a checkbox that will tell FF whether or not to auto-check to see if it's the default browser, as well as a button to Check it immediately. :wink:

Drec Sutal
27-05-2007, 04:54
Or if you want to be all fancy and do it the windows way (and check a few other basic defaults as well) you can click start then "program access and defaults" and choose things like e-mail clients and movie players and such in addition to browsers.

30-05-2007, 09:07
I think you could have gotten a more informative answer were you to search the internet for a tutorial. You'll probably find a site that is dedicated to this kind of thing.

Azrael STX
30-05-2007, 09:09
But I thought that that's what this forum is for? You know, for people who are new to the internet.