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12-06-2007, 16:35
The skill:

Elite Spell. If target foe is suffering from a Condition and under the effect of a Hex or an Enchantment, that foe suffers 30...94 damage.

5E, 2s casting, 2s recharge

A very nice spell for PvP (haven't tried it in PvP, tho, haven't capped it yet). It requires a target who has a condition and an hex/enchantment on him; which isn't really hard to get...

If I remember it correctly, this skill was nerfed a while back, because it was too powerful.

But it's still a nice skill.

A build for it:

N/E - PvP (maybe PvE too?)

Air Magic: 10
Death Magic: 15
SR: 12

Fetid Ground
Enervating Charge
Malign Intervention
Consume Corpse
Taste of Pain - Res - Verata's Gaze - Verata's Aura
Signet of Lost Souls
Fetid Ground

Ok, first cast Gale or Shock (you may choose which to use), followed by Fetid Ground. It is, afcourse, possible that you timed wrong. Or that Gale got interrupted. Then you're screwed, because your main damage will be cut off. That's why Enervating Charge is in this build. It causes Weakness for 10s, which is enough to finish your target off.

After you cast Fetid Ground, cast Malign Intervention, which is a nice spell, because you get 20% less benefit from healing :grin: And it summons a nice, level 17 masterless horror. That's why there is a possibility for Verata's Aura/Gaze in this build, because in PvE, you don't want to have 9 masterless minions wandering around.

With Malign Intervention, the corpse is not exploit, so you can use Consume Corpse for energy management and healing, same story with Taste of Pain/Signet of Lost Souls.

Akirai Annuvil
12-06-2007, 16:58
Your listing 9 skills, and Fetid Ground twice :P

Anyway, it's a nice enough skill, though I like it alot on a Mesmer Primary atm. I still don't really understand why people don't just combine it with Para Bond and Enfeeble instead of making up hard to use and more fragile skill combinations...

The main problem of this skill in serious PvP, is the cast time. You cast a Hex, follow it up with a Condition and then should start spamming the skill. However the cast time + aftercast means you'll rarely get out more than one or two casts except against the worst of monks as the Condition is to easily removed (removing a single hex is not too hard either, but harder). It's also effectively useless against a AoMelandru Derv, for obvious reasons.

Nice against a Warrior who's using Frenzy though :evil:

12-06-2007, 17:42
I still don't really understand why people don't just combine it with Para Bond and Enfeeble instead of making up hard to use and more fragile skill combinations...

Totally agree with you on that one. Before, during, and after all the buffs and nerfs to Discord I always used Enfeeble and Parasitic Bond to get the prerequisites and it worked perfectly - fast and cheap spells with some nice side benefits. Such a shame Discord couldn't stay buffed for very long.

12-06-2007, 18:28
Meh, I noticed now that I listed Fetid Ground twice. Stupid.

And yeah, I noticed that I don't like the casting time of Discord...

Selene Raseth
12-06-2007, 22:04
Only problem it suffers from is it pretty much needs an organized team to work. While the damage is very nice, it pretty much disappears once Prot Spirit goes up, which is often the case against a monk in RA Having another necro or mesmer on hand with Corrupt Enchantments or some other enchant removal that can be used frequently, enough to keep pace with how often they can toss up Prot Spirit, then the damage will be able to score a quick kill. Without it you're stuck having to split between branches, and will have the Discord hit when they prot themselves after you just dropped their last one.

Not a very good one for RA unless it's one of those nights where monks are scarce. But in TA it works very well.