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27-06-2007, 14:44
This is something I've been using in HB and TA a lot. It's basically meant to counter a lot of stuff all at once while still dealing fairly high damage. As far as I can tell, this variation takes out stances, enchantments, kiters, and still does enough damage to blow through basic healing (including prot monks due to aforementioned enchantment pwnage).

13 DM (11+2), 13 CS (10+2+1), 11 DA (10+1)

Expose Defenses
Black Mantis Thrust
Wild Strike
Death Blossom
Impale (Can also be replaced with one of the skills in slot #8)
Assault Enchantments (E)
Resurrection Signet/Signet of Malice/Remedy Signet/Flail


I personally don't use a res sig for Hero Battles or AB, so I find that a condition removal or an IAS serves more of a purpose. As stated, I've also found that since Deep Wound isn't an essential part of this build (it's more pressure than spike, after all), it can be replaced with one of the former if you feel it will serve more use.

The nice thing about Assault Enchantments is that it is a highly spammable, quick-casting, low-cost way to remove every single enchantment on a target. Coupled with Wild Strike and Expose Defenses, you've significantly thinned the list of potential melee counters. You can either recycle the chain every 4 seconds and finish with an AE (good for general damage), or just use it once and spam AE (works well on Prot Monks and Dervishes).

assassin of pudding
27-06-2007, 14:58
=/ I don't like expose defenses, I never have. But I see its purpose to kill prot monks w/ guardian. However, for enchantment removal, I have always been a huge fan of Shattering Assault. Looks like a nice build though

27-06-2007, 15:10
One thing i always liked personally with Assault Enchantment is to have 2 separate combos that can be used to reach Assault separately.

Usually i go for:

1) Black Mantis Thrust/Jagged Strike + Exhausting Assault
2) Black Lotus Strike + Twisting Fangs

This way if you want to spike assist and do Assault Enchant follow-up you do BLS-TF and then spam Assault, and if you want to just like remove enchants from someone fast you do BMT/JS -> Exhausting and then use Assault.

I think the build i used for it was

Siphon Speed
Expose Defenses / other hex or self defense
Assault Enchantment

If you have an ally with Nightmare Weapon it can also turn your BMT-EA into an interesting spike doing 150 life steal nearly instantly.