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Trinity Fire Angel
17-07-2007, 03:19
the best experience i have ever had in AB was this morning. Playing Prot on my monk, i was picked up in the holding area by another prot monk. we promptly grabbed a Ranger and a Dervish and headed out into the wide lands of Saltspray.

Basically capped the first shrine and then ran to the second shrine up on the hill. which is where we stayed for the rest of the game. R/Rt using spirits and splinter weapon and can;t remember what the Derv was using.

So, why was this the best time ever? For some reason we were able to hold that shrine while we suckered two groups (8) people into fighting us. we didn;t make many kills, but neither did they. we did however, have 8 people out of the fighting which allowed the our team to dominate the map. I couldn;t have done it without the other monk for sure as there were far too many conditions, but it is amazing what Spirit bond, Sheild of Regen, PS, RoF and Infuse Health can do.

Tell me about your AB exploits.

Citan Uzuki
17-07-2007, 07:27
I was playing my Ranger in AB one time. I called out 2 sins to come and fight me, they both SP'd in and got owned by the stack of traps I set.

My team was already winning, so I just decided to have some fun.

Camaris Spectre
17-07-2007, 16:49
We were Luxons in the Ancestral Lands and we'd won over and over again. At one point, I (solo) snuck up on a 4-man team trying to take a shrine - 1 ele, 2 sins, and a war. I backfired the ele and did SS/Insidious on a sin - figured I'd die in the next 5 seconds. Nope! Those two both blew themselves up so I SS/In'd the other sin and HE blows himself up. Finally the wammo wakes up and attacks me, SS/In'd again after running in circles to recharge, backfire for good measure and he blows himself up trying to cast mending. :sunny:

Domina Spellbinder
17-07-2007, 17:18
This one time we were at the Kurzick deep land defending it on the kurzick side. At the start we went to one of the grey shrines to capture it. We were there at almost the same time as a group of 4 luxons. We were a guild team, they were too. They were slaughtered.

The remainder of the match we stayed at the shrine and were amazed by the other team, who kept coming and coming for this shrine, not even waiting for their other teammates to res. Resulting in many 4v1 and 4v2 fights :)

Another amazing thing was their setup, they had 3 rangers and 1 monk. The rangers didnt do much fighting.... too busy keeping all their preperations and conjures up :p

27-10-2007, 22:54
It's just fun causing massacres with me n my minions

28-10-2007, 07:58
Lured three Luxons in a row into Base Defense /flex. (We were winning. I was bored.)

It's amazing how stupid people will get if you're on a monk. They'll follow you anywhere.

31-10-2007, 15:45
I got separated from my team as a Mesmer, and decided that the time was right to cut and run back to base.

Would you believe that 4 of the five people chasing me continued to follow me into Base Defender oblivion? I could hardly believe it myself. Gave me a good chuckle though!

Jin Huey
04-11-2007, 05:39
During the siege at Ancestral Land when I was a Luxon. Because of the long waiting timer every time you enter into the battle, I asked who like pie in local channel, which resulting in lots of replies coming in all about foods.

Apparently the Kurzicks were more into foods than us and were busying talking about pie, cheesecake then etc. Needless to say we won that time.