View Full Version : Ward/Ele and Stone Striker

Mojave Joe
31-07-2007, 19:32
If you pair up stone striker (think that's what it's called, causes all damage to be earth damage), can't you pair that up with ward against elements? It seems to me that that would be great for farming builds, but I've never seen this combo before. Does it not work?

31-07-2007, 20:19
SS turns all damage you take or deal into earth damage, yes. And yes, it'll probably work in combination with Ward Against Elements, but WAE only adds 24 armor and requires you to stay within the ward, whilst there are many other skills and combinations that are way more effective. Armor of Earth (+62 armor at 16EM), Obsidian Flesh, Kinetic Armor, etc. I think even Mantra of Earth at 9 Insp Magic, combined with SS, provides the equivalent of roughly +30~40 armor.

WAE is best used in general gameplay to add some overall defense to the team, but there are too many superior alternatives for it to be used in farming builds.

Mojave Joe
31-07-2007, 20:23
Thanks, that's all I wanted to know. Appreciate the response =)