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Daedulus Magos
22-08-2007, 18:21
I'm Having the Hardest time coming up with names for my male necromancer!:angry: Can someone Please Help me out!!! I need a serious Name!

Bunny Likes Corpses
25-08-2007, 14:26
Either go something thats sounds cool or is funny...
E.g. "Damien The Darkheart" (cool)

Count Chocula V
26-08-2007, 15:15
Try looking (and posting) in/at existing threads instead of making new ones on the exact same topic.

There may be some good examples for you here "Nice Necro Names (N^3) (http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=376050)" that can help!


The Experimentor
26-08-2007, 15:42
What I did for my Necro was take a real world name and convert it: I liked the sound of the Hispanic name "Cesar", which is from Latin/Romantic "Caesar", and turned it into "Sezar". I then added a Latin-like "-ius" to the end to make it more technical and mage-like: "Sezarius".

I then added a surname- because I meant for him to follow Blood Magic, I picked up "Sanguis"- Latin for "blood". Hence, Sezarius Sanguis, son of the Necromantic Sanguis family, specialists in vampiric magic.

You can search the 'Net for lists of names. They're usually found in sites for baby care.

You can also look up fantasy, folklore and mythology for black mage figures. I remember a Danish folk character by the name of Margot the Black, a very evil queen and witch. Margot is a real name, and its heavy and hard sounds make it perfect for a Necro. Her title makes it even more fitting, if overused by today's fantasy lit.

Go for sounds that are sinister, ominous, sibilant, hard or very heavy or serious.

For spelling, switch letters and sounds around. "J", "S", "X" and "Z" and can easily be replaced by each other yet sound the same. Using "X" makes the character name exotic.

After the first name, you can also try titles or honorifics instead of family names. They can indicate place of origina ("of Lakewood"), accomplishments ("the Adept"), personality traits ("the Harsh"), nicknames, aliases or monikers ("the Black Bird"), or something scary, nasty or infamous (the classical "the Black"; "the Vivisector").

Let's try the real world name "Cecil". It's an old and very gentle boy's name. But it comes out very different when you switch and/or add sounds and letters: "Xesil"

"Vivisector" is an old term for a disector or surgeon, but it can easily sound like something for serial killers.

"Xesil the Vivisector". 20 letters, where we can only use 19. So, switch them around like "Necromancer Munne" or "Undertake Cortis".

"Vivisector Xesil". Sounds like someone who disects both people and monsters. Sounds like a Curses Necro.

Anyway, hope that helps.

Lais Irideika
26-08-2007, 16:14
Daedulus, I sent you a Personal Message about this very request yesterday, but since you made a thread about it, I will re-post here what I sent you via PM:

RE: looking for a serious-sounding necro name:

First off, I need a bit of background for inspiration:

will your necro be created from prophecies, factions or nightfall?
what will be the color of your necro's hair?
what will be the skin color of your necro's hair?
what kind of face is he likely to have? (i.e. any scars, missing eyes, freaky eye color, etc.)
what kind of hair will he have? (i.e. mohawk, close-crop, freeky voodoo type, etc.)

Ideally, I would need to see a screenie of what you plan to create, but it might not be necessary.

27-08-2007, 10:04
I'm getting royally tired of people who must have "dark", "blade", "death", or "evil" in their names. Don't walk into that trap! Come up with something original, that actually sounds like a name.

The Experimentor has some really nice suggestions. My favourite names are also those that are close to real names, with slight alterations - just enough to make them sound fantasy-ish.

27-08-2007, 19:21
I'm getting royally tired of people who must have "dark", "blade", "death", or "evil" in their names. Don't walk into that trap! Come up with something original, that actually sounds like a name.

So true. Not many original Necromancers around these days...

27-08-2007, 20:58
Cadaver Buffet
Mister Undertaker
Rotting Heart

27-08-2007, 22:14
what will be the color of your necro's hair?
what will be the skin color of your necro's hair?

Did you just ask him 2 different questions? But still same questions? :D.

The Pointless
27-08-2007, 22:27
I think the second question was just about SKIN colour. The hair bit was probably an accident. :undecided:

I'm getting royally tired of people who must have "dark", "blade", "death", or "evil" in their names. Don't walk into that trap! Come up with something original, that actually sounds like a name.
Oh, bloody hell, please do avoid that! Superiorly cliché at best! :shocked:

Scott the Green
28-08-2007, 05:51
Darkblade Evildeath.

28-08-2007, 13:48
i got mine from a certain film

28-08-2007, 15:01
Ancient Mythology is what i delve into for names- mostly ancient Greek, Norse and Egyptian. For my necromancer, who happens to be my main character, i used "Neilos", the Greek god of the Nile river. Surnames, for me, are chosen by which continent the character was born on- all my Tyrian characters have the surname "Tyrhanos", all my Canthans have the surname "Griefhaven", and all Elonian-borns have the surname "Doubtviel". So my necromancer is Neilos Tyrhanos ^^

Daedulus Magos
28-08-2007, 15:13
THis is wierd i didnt even make a thread? How did i do that?WEll anyway im thinking of making a guild,so i was wondering if anyone(including you would like to join and be an officer)

Six Deadly Puddings
28-08-2007, 15:32
My little necro is named Rigga Mortice :)

28-08-2007, 21:08
Neilos isnt a god,the egyptians worshiped it as god (its the river that pass through egypt).
Now about beeing a greek god,i wonder who ignorant teacher said that?
Before someone tries to flame or play smart il say that i am a native greek.
Now about necromancer names,dont know for me its a tradition to the word grave to exist within the whole name.
Some originality is rare nowadays with kids putting spartan names and etc.
How about trying to find the word and use it in another language?
Exampe of grave-heart in german,is grab-herz.
In Greek is Tafo-kardos and so on.

A suggestion would be Gilbert Deadhide.

30-08-2007, 17:41
just made a new necro shes called ""Born To Animate""

Sarah Coin
13-01-2009, 04:06
Listen, when I make up a necromancer name, I prefer using my first name, where it's spelled Sara or Sarah, it doesn't matter. Anyway, use your first name, and add on something like Dragonbane, or the Demonslayer, or even a movie character's last name, like Potter, Granger, Weasley, or Cullen.

13-01-2009, 14:13
Demonia Nymphetamin

Demonia = a local female band, and Cradle of Filth wanna bes.
Nymphetamine = A Cradle of Filth song

I had to drop the e at the end. The combined name was to long.

13-01-2009, 18:58
My necro is a semi-carryover from Diablo II. His name was Erik the Green, kind of a play on the famous Viking Eric the Red, using green because of the obvious play on "green = poison."

My necro in Guild Wars is named Erikah the Red. Went with a female because all my characters are female (thus Erikah) and Guild Wars necros having a much more "blood orientation" as opposed to Diablo II's "poison orientation" (although she uses hardly any blood skills), so she got the name Red.

14-01-2009, 00:46
Darkevil Bladedeath

14-01-2009, 01:03
I like raising dead things as much as any other necromancer, but sheesh, this thread is oooold. ~_^

(so I really doubt that the original poster is still looking for a name, but maybe there are new players looking for name advice so I'll leave this open for now)

Val Roize Lionheart
26-02-2009, 03:20
I agree about taking into consideration the overall look of your necro when it comes to naming Him/Her.

I'de like to add that you can also take into consideration what attribute or Build will you be using your necro...

Example: Blood

Blood of Elura

Example: Curse

Elura the Cursed; The curse of Elura

Example: MM

The Undead Elura; Elura the undead

Example: Soul Reaping

Soul Keeper Elura; The soul keeper

Something like that... I think

My necros were named: Elura Bloodthirst; Aoul Vak the Undead
But she's Necro SS mostly especially in PVP... they thought she's Blood Necro at first look.. them Bam... She's a formidable SS.

Well, when you creat PVP character... be sure to hide her build by means of deception (Name that does not give ppl a hint of your build)

Hope these hints helps.


Ti Goddess of War
06-03-2009, 04:51
I named my Necro.. Beep My Boop,don't know where it came from,or why I named her that,I'm just bad when it comes to thinking up of a name for toons.

Lais Irideika
06-03-2009, 11:37
Who raised THIS dead thread?

I think the OP by now (2 years) has figured out how to name his necro and probably doesn't need any further suggestions from us...

For those wanting to share their own necro's name, there is a thread that exists for that I do believe.

07-07-2009, 02:37
darkdeath evilblade?

26-12-2011, 20:37
Try something like Grimdark Evildeath.