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30-09-2007, 05:09

I want to make awsome ele, but i got some questions!:brainiac:

I was just wounding sould i make an ele in first , second or third guildwars?
Another one is what 2nd profession sould i use and what build?
Another thing what runes and armor sould i use?:listen:

30-09-2007, 08:39
* Make the ele wherever you want. I usually choose my characters by how they look (I'm a horrible shallow person, shh), but some people will pick based on how much they have to do before getting a level 20 character, or they'll go with NF so they get heroes sooner. I generally make characters in Factions myself, I prefer the looks, the content til you hit level 20 is short and you can be off that island in a few hours if you know what you're doing.

* A solid second profession is monk, simply for the re-usable/hard rezzes. I really don't use my secondary that much on my ele, except maybe mesmer for Hexbreaker in alliance battles. As for build, there's no one set build that's uber godly. The average pug whose goal is to get X done in the shortest amount of time will want you as a fire ele, in particular they'll want a build centred around the NF elite skill Searing Flames. But play whatever you want. Fire gets the job done 98% of the time, but personally I'd rather play with earth and air. Play around with the skills available and see what you like.

A good idea is: The attune spell for your attribute, Aura of Restoration, Glyph of Lesser Energy, 4 offensive spells, Rez.

Obviously that's not the bible/strict definition of an ele build, but it's a nice place to start and gets you into good habits.

* For runes, have a head piece for each element, though you don't need to buy em all at once :D and put a minor rune on it. On your chest piece put the highest vigor rune you're willing to buy (remember you get a free minor vig early on in NF), on your arms put a minor energy storage. Then vitae on the legs and feet. As for insignias, survivor and blessed are a good idea.

Enjoy your ele :)

30-09-2007, 11:01
Kamara thought of everything heh.

Just to add on what Kamara said, go fire to start since its the easyest to get used to (master) since all you do is button bashing :smiley:

then when youve mastered it, move to water/air/earth or a mixture, but only have a mixture of 2 elements...no more....

I like earth, its funny being able to tank better than a wammo ^.^

abridged guy
04-10-2007, 00:35
i like fire personally. all my good moves or fire, although i have never really tried air or water that much i did air for a while and it wasnt as fast. i have seen that the moves get pretty good though ive been pawned with air in ab. as i said fire is pretty awsome and air can be good after u get advanced.
also fire is cooler:afro:

and as a 2nd i picked ranger because of the pet mainly because when u run into the cool pets there just cool to have and there pretty helpful when you die and they have a sliver of health its so frustarting to watch them heal and u cant do anything about it and if your pets good it can do the job.
my pheniox has finished off enemys at the end of missions when i died.