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20-10-2007, 20:18
Lets say I have a build I want to run, so I begin to advertise whats needed. People join, I get five or six people, then can't fill those last spots. Time passes, people get bored, or tired and excuse themselves ( some more politely than others :P ), I fill their spots again, maybe we fill-up for one ( sometimes short ) run, someone rages, the cycle repeats, time goes by and pretty soon all my alotted time is gone.

Should I compromise on the build, should I come prepared with multiple builds, should I add heroes to fill spots even though I don't believe they will perform very well? Additionally, how do people track the ragers when the ignore list fills up so I don't waste time with the same people tommorow.

Standing firm more often than not seems to mean I actually play for 10 minutes of every hour I'm in HA.

Any advice?

Psychotic Death X
20-10-2007, 21:20
Stick with your build. Wait it out.

When you do get a team, see who performs well and then put each other on friends lists, after this forming teams will become alot easier and quicker.

22-10-2007, 13:27
Stick with your build. Wait it out.


My 2 cents..

1. Try out proven builds so that PuG can relate to it.
2. Identify like minded folks who are preferably better than you or at the least can play at your level of competency. Get on their friend-list and get them on yours.
3. If you are playing your build, don't change the build after the initial series of failures. And definitely don't change it on the fly. Team Synergy wins games. If your build is faulty, it will reveal itself in time.
4. Don't encourage trash-talk. Most people (surprisingly!) don't like trash-talkers. And once you become known for trash-talking, you will be de-associated and will be ganked at Halls.

22-10-2007, 15:37
^ Agrees with the above.
I assume this is pvp and not pve but in both cases it really comes down to your friends list and networking. If you wanna do serious HA time you need to find the others who are doing HA. Work on growing your friends list until its easy to fill most of your groups spots before asking unknowns. Those on your flist will also be much more likely/able to play diverse(non-wiki lol) builds also so you can usually fill in a cookie cutter meta slot if you are short people.
Stay with your build for a while, it should lose until you have a team that runs it well. Once you have a team that runs it well THEN you can DISCUSS changes to implement TOMORROW. Don't play the sway skills on the fly thing or your team build quickly becomes a shored up randomway usually.
GL and HF.

22-10-2007, 18:06
If no guildies are on then run down the list of ex-guildies. I, for one, will be happy to help you anytime :)

22-10-2007, 19:09
Vana and Vela...have hit it on the nail.

A good team leader can hold a set of decent players together long enough to get a few runs in. Then its a case of using "known" FL ppl (and maybe some of thier friends) to put the team together faster...which means more runs...more fun.


09-11-2007, 04:14
Build up an HA friends list that will help. I would join groups first then add them to friends and if you wanna play, form a group inviting your friends.

09-11-2007, 06:48
Guildies, friends, and also some people put in their names in forums. Basically, you're better off using people who actively look to network than people who rely on PUGs. That's because people who rely on PUGs have too much of a "if it fails, then disband" mentality. Not every PUG is like that, of course...

Stick with people who want to keep at it. I too find HA frustrating because you don't get experience waiting, you get experience fighting. But when I get into a good group, it's a lot of fun. And by good group, I mean a group that will repeatedly play HA even if they loose. They usually still win some, and get to learn the game too.

PS: any of you, feel free to contact me for some HA. In-game names below. I have 8k+ Balthazar faction sitting, waiting for you to tell me which build to run. Preferrably not Mo or Me as I lack experience with those 2 professions.