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04-12-2007, 22:18
Ok, I got reeeeaaallly bored of a ranger, and wanted to try something new, so I picked a Necro. Now I know what kinda each thing does, but what 3 attribute should I focus on?

Death Magic
Blood Magic
Soul Reaping

Any help? Thanks :afro:

04-12-2007, 22:58
Death, blood or curses.

But if you're just starting out, use all the skills you get. In the early part of the Prophecies campaign, you will be most effective if you use blood magic and later death magic.

You don't get the really good curses until you're about halfway through the chapter, but when you get them, you might consider using those instead.

And - don't forget to put some points into Soul Reaping.

At level 20, I like to have one of the spell attributes maxed and Soul Reaping maxed as well. But, you can get away with putting fewer points into SR. That's just my preference.

On a starter char, I'd put half the points into a spell attribute and the other half into SR.

04-12-2007, 23:00
Ok, but is soul reaping really worth all the points, considering it give you energy only when you kill someone

04-12-2007, 23:13
Ok, but is soul reaping really worth all the points, considering it give you energy only when you kill someone

It gets better and better the later in the game you go. Sure at low attrib it doesn't give you much in a battle with 1 or 2 enemies in a mob. Later you will be getting 10-12e per death in an 8-10 enemy mob (time restrictions not withstanding - SR will only trigger 3 times in 15s).

04-12-2007, 23:17
My necromancer focuses on two attributes at a time. Soul Reaping and whatever line I'd like to specialize in. So Soul Reaping and Blood Magic. Or Soul Reaping and Death Magic. Or Soul Reaping and Curses.

Soul Reaping is one of the most powerful attributes of the varying professions, I'd definitely recommend investing points into it.

Vincalis Ktath
05-12-2007, 00:20
Like nkuvu, my necro focusses primarily on two attributes at once, with any spare points in a third line for an added twist.

Make sure Soul Reaping is one of those attributes. Most necromancer skills cost 10E or more, with high soul reaping you can almost cast as though you had infinite energy at times. Either way, it is arguably the best energy management in the game, don't ignore it! :grin:

Curses is a really popular line in the later parts of the chapters and endgame, but as has been said it's probably not the best one to start off with. Could make a good 3rd attribute though with parasitic bond or something, and one you should look at carefully when you get further in the game.

Death is powerful, there's no denying it. However, a lot of it's power (in prophecies anyway) is in minion mastery, ie: creating and maintaining undead minions by exploiting corpses. Controlling minions is worse than trying to control ranger pets, and keeping them alive between battles might not be easy. Minions masters (MMs) truly come into their own at endgame as well. And it relies on stuff dying before you can make use of it. Or you can blow up corpses for damage... :shocked:

Blood magic is my personal favourite. It has some nice lifestealing skills, some degenerative hexes and various utility skills. Such as the ability to give other party members extra energy regen, or the area-of-effect healing Well of Blood. Lifestealing is armor ignoring, but beware that some skills involve you sacrificing your health to use. This attribute doesn't have the widespread destruction of a horde of minions or elite curses such as Spiteful Spirit, but it has some good single-target damage and many of its good skills are available early on in the game.

05-12-2007, 00:22
Until you get access to Awaken the Blood (a Blood skill), you should concentrate on 2 attributes and one of them should be Soul Reaping (one of the best energy management methods in the game). Until you get access to lots of attribute points (LVL 16 and up), you should be reluctant to put points in more than 2 (maybe 3) attributes.

05-12-2007, 00:28
Wow thanks everyone =D, and I am thinking about blood magic

Vincalis Ktath
05-12-2007, 00:38
Wow thanks everyone =D, and I am thinking about blood magic

Mwahaha... I should warn you it's taken me 2 years to be weaned off almost-total blood magic. And Well of Blood's still kicking around on my skillbar. :tongue:

If you want a hand/(dubious) advice my ign is Vincalis Irkhann. I also have a presearing ranger if you haven't finished presear yet.

Rob Van Der Sloot
05-12-2007, 00:48
Wow thanks everyone =D, and I am thinking about blood magic

Bloodmagic is an excellent start for the necro who focusses on one enemy at a time, and likes to keep himself alive. I think the entire bloodmagic line has probably the best healing and survival skills of all the necro attribute lines.

It's not only a good start, but a good way to stay aswell.

As has been pointed out before, curses and death magic tend to work best under speciffic circumstances (such as speciffic tricky missions, and elite areas). Blood magic however, works well over all. It performs the best under most conditions as it keeps you alive.

Curses tend to have more of a support role. You tend to hang back behind stronger allies, while your curses finish the enemies off. They tend to work well aslong as you avoid direct contact with the enemies yourself. The Underworld is a popular place for one of the Curses lines most popular elite skill, Spiteful Spirit (SS).

Death magic tends to have more of an offensive and support role. Minions are great for soaking up damage, keeping many enemies busy, and providing extra damage on top of that of your allies. Minions are great in areas where you are normally vastly outnumbered, and where corpses come in plenty supply. (like Vizunah Square, in the Factions campaign)

05-12-2007, 00:53
Kool I made a good pick =D, and I can't find the collector with the freaking boots!! I have searched high and low =[

Vincalis Ktath
05-12-2007, 00:55
Kool I made a good pick =D, and I can't find the collector with the freaking boots!! I have searched high and low =[

Have you looked in the Catacombs? Specifically, just inside the entrance nearest Barradin's Estate? There's a collector who is fond of gargoyles skulls there, and she often gets overlooked...

05-12-2007, 01:05
oo, I'll go there then =D thanks for telling me

05-12-2007, 01:17
Hmm, the catacombs are pretty big o_O

So far I got 4 Soul Reaping and 4 Blood Magic

full collectors armor and lvl 5

05-12-2007, 01:56
In terms of armor, I wouldn't worry too much about getting the collector armor unless you plan to stay in pre-searing for a while. As soon as you go through the academy, the first city you find will have much better armor available.

Oh, and Blood Magic is one of my personal favorite attributes. Fun times.

05-12-2007, 07:04
For the armor upgrades in Ascalon and later, you primarily need tanned leather squares. It's always good to have a reasonable supply of that (you'll need more than 250 of those for the max armor level armor, and there are more upgrades on the way to Droknar's Forge), so, start salvaging the grawl gears and leather belts of the bandits.

In case you'll start another spellcaster later: keep the pieces of cloth as well. All spellcasters except necros need cloth for their armor.

Endgame armor also needs another ingredient, but that varies according to what armor set you want.
The link with the name of the armorset leads to a webpage with the needed ingredients for crafting the armor, the link "male" or "female" to a more detailed view of the armor itself.

05-12-2007, 11:28
pfft what's wrong with collectors? They're basically free.

For first collector's set, you'd need the followings:

torso - 4 Leathery Claws (drops from hydras)
arms - 4 Singed Gargoyle Skulls (drops from gargoyles)
legs - 4 Ornate Grawl Necklaces (drops from grawls)
feet - 4 Fetid Carapaces (drops from devourers)

There's no collector headgear for Ascalon area. Granted, it may be a bit difficult finding hydras at the beginning of the Post-Searing but the rest should be easy. I made it to the major city in Prophecies (about 8 or 9 missions) using pre-searing armor on my elementalist and I did all skill quests and bonuses along the way. So I'd not fret too much about armor but if you want better armor, why not go collector?

Anyway if OP decides to go for collector, check out http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/List_of_Prophecies_armor_collectors_-_Ascalon for where to find collectors

05-12-2007, 13:09
I agreee with Barinthus, you can make it to Lions with the ascalon collectors armor. Then you should do fine with the armor from Lions untill you reach Amnoon Oasis where you again would be adviced to buy new armor, or get one from a collector, and after that, Drognars Forge.

05-12-2007, 15:33
My primary problem with the collector armor is in pre-searing, honestly. The armor bonus is rather trivial, and yet people spend a whole lot of time getting the monster parts needed, searching for the collector, and so on -- then get to post-searing and can immediately make armor that's considerably better.

In post-searing, the collector that bothers me the most is the chest armor. Four leathery claws -- which come from level 10 hydras in Diessa Lowlands (and there aren't many of those). But if you're going for collector's armor, you'll be wearing (at best) the collector armor from pre-searing. And you're going to go traipsing through Old Ascalon and the Breach and Diessa Lowlands to kill the few hydra so that maybe you might possibly get some claws for armor? With chest armor being paper-thin, the single most important piece of armor you're wearing? Bah.

05-12-2007, 16:04
Well, I don't think that the prizes of Corwen are so extraorbitant, so why not craft the pieces there? They'll last up to Bergen Hotsprings or even Quarrel Falls, too. :tongue:

Anyway, I've done it with collector armor, too - but working on survivor characters for 1.5 years (and the looks of the collector armor) put a stop on that for me.

(Seriously, have you seen female ele/monk/mesmer/warrior/ranger collector armor? yuck!)

05-12-2007, 18:48
Lytha - granted :smiley: but it's just temporary until you get to Droknar's Forge.

nkuvu - Agreed. My usual playing style re: collector armor pieces is this... whenever I enter a new region, I check the wiki for drops I'd need. Then I just play the game normally with missions and quests. I don't actively farm for those drops. If by the time I'm ready to leave for next region I have enough drops for a piece or two, I grab those.

So by the time I get to the Crystal Desert I am usually wearing an assortment of different levels of collector armor :smiley:

06-12-2007, 19:57
Even if you are trying to do it dirt cheap, in most cases sub-MAX collector armor isn't worth it. The only benefit is the "unique" appearance, if you even like the style. IMO, max AL collector is never worth it, it doesn't accept upgrades. Really the only reason to get it is if you are completely broke and can't afford to spend even 5-plat (plus mat's) on your armor.

Unless you're extremely lucky, or you already have them in Xunlai, farming for the collector drops is a waste of time. You will earn enough gold and materials in the meantime to buy the armor several times over and wind up with a lower AL than you deserve. (Lahtenda Bog is one exception, I routinely get the collector armor there, but that's only because I know what the items are and I have them all in storage beforehand.)

Honestly though, even if you're cheap, I don't see the need to use a collector when you can get armor that is at least 50% of max AL right in Old Ascalon for 75g per piece plus mat's. That totals to 375g plus 16 standard materials, (assuming headgear is needed/available). Unless you do something really stupid in Pre-sear, you'll have that much guaranteed when you get to Post. If you buy that set, it will last you until past Lion's Arch. That fact allows you to bypass all the armor crafters and/or collectors and either salvage or sell the items you don't need for cash. So it winds up making you money in the long run.

06-12-2007, 21:31
Only armor I ever bought on all of my 10 characters are high-ended such as droknar's. Collectors' never was a problem and like I said earlier, I don't farm for drops. Regular drops from doing quests and missions usually suffice for me.

But hey if others want to spend money on low level crafters, power to them

06-12-2007, 21:43
Only armor I ever bought on all of my 10 characters are high-ended such as droknar's. Collectors' never was a problem and like I said earlier, I don't farm for drops. Regular drops from doing quests and missions usually suffice for me.

But hey if others want to spend money on low level crafters, power to them

Maybe I'm just unlucky then. But I never have enough of the collector items (except when I'm on Istan). If there is something I decide I want, I usually have to "farm" to get enough of them.