View Full Version : A few questions about AB

Rym Of Melandru
04-01-2008, 00:08
I've recently decided to start getting into AB, now that I'm in a guild that does it quite a bit. So to try not to hamper our progress, I'd like a few questions answered:

1) Are Dervs good for AB? I'm guessing they are because they have the best running skill in the game, and are pretty self-sufficient, so solo capping shouldn't (theoretically) be a problem.

2) If Dervs are a bad idea, what should I use? And please don't say elementalist or monk, because I'm not a fan of them.

I had another one, but my dad interrrupted my thought process...I'll post it later if I remember.

David Holtzman
04-01-2008, 07:22
Dervs are mediocre skirmish characters. They're not bad but they're not optimal. Warriors, Rangers, Eles, Monks, and Sins are the better skirmish classes and are the most effective in AB.

04-01-2008, 14:21
Problem with Dervs is they leave themselves wide open to a whole range of counters. They get all the usual end of anti-melee. They suffer horribly when anti-enchantments comes around. They're usually pretty predictable when it comes to attacks so you can usually distract the first attack skill they use when they reach a player.

Melandru is wasted in AB imo, at least without an organised team. More trouble are the Balthazar ones since you can't out run them.

They do have their moments... but other profs get more in the line of KD or ints.

04-01-2008, 17:08
I'd rather run a Hammer warrior if there's not going to be a shield involved.

Most Dervs I see in AB are, as David said, getting less accomplished than their other martial class peers.