View Full Version : Got Night fall last night.

09-01-2008, 12:49
Well, I finally manned up and got guild wars Night Fall last night. I use to play wow, but haven't played in about 8 months now.

Pretty cool game, I like it, I made a Elementalist / Mesmer combo and got him to lvl 6 last night. I played for 3 hours and it told me to take a break so I did, lol.

Question though, how the heck do I get more elemental spells?

09-01-2008, 13:29
There are several areas you can get more skills.

1) Hero Skill Trainer - free skills for your hero and you (but should have the right 2ndary profession to get skills - but not necessary)

2) Skill Trainer - buy skills for your 2 professions (in your case E/Me)

3) There is an area where professional skill trainers are (I think you talk to 2nd Captain Sunspear or something - he is near a gate in Kandam). There you travel and talk to the NPCs there (they have names and what profession they can train you on).

Now after you talk to the skills people on the small island, I think there are several spread out in the towns, you can travel to the mainland. After you have completed 1 portion of Building the Base, I think the skills guy shows up. You can get more skills there. There are other skill trainers spread throughout the game.

09-01-2008, 19:02
I just want to add that a common mistake, when new to the game, is not realizing there are at least 3 skill trainers for each profession in Churrier Fields. That means you should have gone to 3 for your primary skills & 3 for your secondary skills. If you didn't do that, you may be quite short on skills & I don't think there is any way to get the other skills you would have learned without buying them. If that's what happened, you may want to start a 2nd character, just to see the difference.