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Brother Malek
12-01-2008, 09:55
Hi, I'm Brother Malek (well that's my main, anyway). I am working on my 2nd year of Guild Wars. I own Prophecies and Factions. I am currently in the guild that me and my friends started about a year ago, with all of our 6 people who never play.

I have friends trying to get me into WoW, and I really just don't want to give up on GW. I *KNOW* it's better, the system is better, the price is better, the people are better, and it's more casual.

The problem is I can't find the good people. They're all in good guilds partying with each other and doing PvP with each other and such, and so I get stuck with groups of randoms that annoy me with their lack of ability/manners/reading comprehension.

So I'm looking for a guild with some good players, good strategy, that just like to have fun and be themselves, are helpful, and acknowledge that people have a real life and can't play 24/7. If I find such a guild, I am more than willing to look into purchasing Nightfall and GWEN to contribute more back to the guild that helps me rekindle the fun I had when I first began and my friends actually played with me.

My main is Brother Malek, monk lvl 20, Protector of Tyria and Tyrian Exploerer. I have a few good builds with him. I also have a MM I am working on in Factions, still on Shing Jea Island but approaching Kaineng. I mostly solo with him when I'm sick of people or can't find anyone to help get my next mish done with Malek.

Feel free to send me a PM in game, or on here, or reply with a link to your guild's forums/website or whatnot; I'm easy. :-)

Solange Chailya
13-01-2008, 13:00
Hello! :smiley:

I'm the leader of a small guild with a few people who play a few times a week, and a few more people who play more rarely. I play roughly every other night, sometimes a little more often. Our guild is part of an alliance with other small guilds. Our alliance leader has a forum, AEG (http://aegamers.co.uk/phpBB3/index.php). Most members in alliance are 20+, and many are 30+. The alliance has TS.

I have all games, and right now I'm working on vanquishing. I'm doing that in Nightfall right now, but I intend to do it in each of the games. Contact me ingame if you want to join us and check it out! IGN Solange Chailya

13-01-2008, 20:05

I'd also like to submit MYTH to your scrutiny. We're a small guild that is based more on friendship than quantity of people. We're also part of a spectacular alliance so that it's easier to find a good group of people. We're a group of laid-back people that just like GW and have fun with it. You can take a peek at our forum here (http://gwmyth.15.forumer.com/), and I always enjoy a whisper in-game.

Good luck in your search!,
Aura Lin (IGN)