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26-03-2008, 20:57
I was Wondering why most Groups never Play Defense at Nods.
is there some sort of Con to this?

26-03-2008, 21:28
Depends on the map and a particular skirmish.
Rez shrines are very important, those should be defended at all times, if situation permits.

Also, in general, shrines should be defended if it's clear that an enemy group can cap it easily w/o your defense, and your group can defeat them with the help of shrine npcs. If you cannot win, no point in trying to defend it, since not only will you lose the shrine but also add more points to the enemy's score by dying.

Of course, most of this stuff is trivial. Unfortunately, a lot of ab players nowdays play like brainless automatons.

The Sins We Die By
27-03-2008, 06:07
I was Wondering why most Groups never Play Defense at Nods.
is there some sort of Con to this?

Not really a con to defend one, but going on the move all the time is preferable as you can win after 60 seconds of holding all the shrines.

David Holtzman
27-03-2008, 07:53
I was Wondering why most Groups never Play Defense at Nods.
is there some sort of Con to this?

It's because they're bad. If you can hold a mismatch at a shrine it's highly in your favor. Fighting them with your NPCs lets you send players around them to go cap wherever they came from all the while stopping their advance. Of course, this assumes you're teaming with people who have any idea of strategy.

27-03-2008, 20:05
What most people don't know is:

Killing people earns a faster rate of faction points than just capping.

The problem is, most people suck and so most people loose. Why do they lose?

They lose mostly due to fights they cannot win (and most people suck). Only fight fights you can win. Otherwise, the only goal you should be looking to do is to slow down their capping time, not fight to the death; there should be no deaths whatsoever on your side.

If there is a group of unites that are mobbing, avoid them (since it is a fight that you cannot win) and just swing behind them and re-cap the shrine they previously capped. It will allow for splitting to take the advantage and usually confuse the opponents. Obviously, if they send in 4 players to disrupt your capping, you have to weigh whether or not you can win that battle. If you can, kill them. If you can't, slow down their capping time.

06-09-2008, 16:02
Shrines to be defended= res and dragon roost(just so you can keep bob:P)

Simply Kedde
06-09-2008, 17:50
A single good team will usually be able to hold up at least 2 other 4 man groups at any shrine for either a long time or eventually just killing them off.
There's a simple reason defending shrines rarely happen in ab. That being because 90% of the players don't know any better than to follow the lead of the first random guy to ping something a lot.

Chris Le Noir
12-09-2008, 12:07
People concentrate to much on shrines, its great you can cap one in 5 seconds, but when theres a bit of opposition most cant do ****.

A good example is the typical fire ele pug, who caries nothing but aoe and then complains how he cant kill anyone cuz the "cowards" keep running out of their spells :S

Was in a game yesterday where 6 of our guys swarmed a single enemy monk and were unable to to kill it. My team ran past so I casted rend enchants and rigor mortis before continueing and they still failed to kill it. 2 decent warriors would have destroyed that monk in 2 seconds as soon as rigor mortis landed :S No kiting and no blocks should be gg, not epic fail.

Dont just spec to take shrines, but make sure you can actually kill something with your team. Shrines are important but killing the other team when you can, prevents them from capping to start with. Death is the best shutdown.

Simply Kedde
12-09-2008, 12:36
Ideally your team should be able to kill any enemy team equally numbered without taking casualties and also be able to clear any shrine in 20-30 secs at most while all being able to move between them quickly.