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Trinity Fire Angel
13-05-2008, 07:04
Will it be possible that the instanced world and the persistant worlds will be on the same maps? For example, everyone playing in the Peristent World PVP will be able to see people in towns (like in Cantha) and vice-versa.

What i mean is, perhaps, like in Cantha, when you are out in your instance, all the "people" not involved in your instance are in green. Your team or Blue and the Enemy is Red.

I would like to see something like this where people who are playing in the World PVP can sometimes "intrude" into towns where fights occur. The people in the town are not involved, but you can watch the action from where you are. Even make comments and perhaps trade with people in the PVP instance.

Dunno, i guess it is something i always wanted to see when i was waiting for a group in AB was to be able to watch a game that was going on outside from where i was standing.

I also think that massive missions raging across the entire tyria or in the UW would be awsome as well. Not knowing where the enemy is and having an elite PVP mission to get from Yaks bend to Henge of Denravi to restore some form of important aura to a castle in North Kryta and having to battle random groups of people like in AB would be the bomb. It would mean that you could essentially meet any number or people along the way in any area.

Having the persistent worlds somehow everlap would be a nice addition. Which would mean that while i am in the world pvp area, i can still interact with people trading in towns or elsewhere in the environment.

dunno, my 2c:wink:

13-05-2008, 08:10
I just don't like the idea of having to wait for a spawn like I do in WoW and a lot of other MMO's out there. If someone kills the boss, you have to wait for respawn and that's stupid.

Also, having random mission objectives are not very fun when you spend the whole day chasing the boss. Ever play Monster Hunter?

Darkstar The Legend
13-05-2008, 11:02
The one major problem i can see with an overlap like this is that it would probably cause massive lag.

Ace Bear
16-05-2008, 04:33
Well, aside from the fact that you can't interact with people in instances(its how instances work not game designs) the World PvP itself will be held within the Mists. So I am just going to assume that the maps might of different type or something similar to made up towns or whatever. And these world battles won't be instanced in the traditional sense like all of GW right now. More comparable to a WoW instance except even farther away from the traditional sense of an instance. For instance(:laugh::cry:), it would be created when the event started, and people would start loading in but you could leave and come back in without having to do anything extremely special. Also unlike WoW one of your party members would not have to remain or whatever.