View Full Version : Luxons playing as Kurzicks

Count Zu Jinzo
18-05-2008, 22:29
I dont know if this happens in the luxon side

just started doing Alliance Battles this weekend and I see teams of Luxons all from the same guild entering a battle together. There all Rank 8 plus and it aint fair on the Kurzick who get paired with them.

Isnt there a way to stop people in a Luxon guild playing in AB as a Kurzick ?

Psychotic Death X
18-05-2008, 22:35
They might just be working on their Kurzick title believe it or not.

19-05-2008, 01:39
I don't think it really matters what rank they have in either alliance. Like psychotic said, they may be there working on titles. I currently have rank 7 in kurzick and rank 6 in luxon. I see no problem with getting titles from both sides.

Ate of DK
19-05-2008, 01:44
Whenever people ask me to play AB, I really don't care what side we fight on. That way I got r7 Luxon and r4 Kurzick. So the OP is suggesting it shouldn't be allowed? I don't think so, then you take AB a bit too serious.

Mister Smartypants
19-05-2008, 09:31
R9 luxon r4 kurzick thanks to a guild change. I still consider myself luxon after fighting for them for 6 months and display that title because it's higher. I don't see why I should be stopped from playing AB with my kurzick guild because of this, or not be allowed to guest with my old luxon friends from time to time - it's not like I don't try and win, whichever side I'm fighting for at the time.