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22-05-2008, 11:22
I only have Nightfall and have a primary class elementalist. Any ideas for a farming build? I searched but everything involves other versions.

Auntie I
22-05-2008, 20:28
There must be a Searing Flames build that could be adapted...

[[Liquid Flame], [[Glowing Gaze], [[Glyph of Restoration] and [[Fire Attunement] with [[Searing Flames] would still leave you 3 spots for a PvE skill ([[Lightbringer's Gaze] for example if you were farming demonic servants of Abbadon), or a skill from your secondary. Not necessarily a "Uber" build, but it is an idea to get you started.

It really will depend on where you want to farm. A running skill might be a good idea too...

22-05-2008, 20:47
Well at least from NF you have the 'tank' skills:

Stone Striker
Stoneflesh Aura
Mantra of Earth (mesmer core skill)
Armor of Earth

So using the skills from the post above for the last 4:
Searing Flames
Glowing Gaze
Glph of Restoration
Fire Attunement

You should be able to kill grouped mobs of melee, though you would have to scout out where.

22-05-2008, 21:23
The where is not a problem, there a couple good spots.

Outside of Yohlon Haven, there's groups of bugs and Tusked Hunters. However the bugs poison you so that can be a problem.

The absolutely best place for this is outside of Sunspear Sanctuary in Plains of Jarrin, in Harm Mode. You kill the big group of Stalking Nephilia and then termites, and the skale groups without the necromancer skales. With some lucky you might get a Fiery/Icy blade axe, which you can still sell for a couple plat.

24-05-2008, 18:24
insted of spreading your attribute points across earth and fire magic, you could probably use the elite skill sandstorm and skills like aftershock. although it may trigger the monsters to scatter