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22-06-2008, 10:41
Please lend a hand in showing me what are the new things taking place HA as of now. I dont wanna take part in any FOTM or gimmick builds, but you can still keep me posted. I'm rank 8 and I haven't played GW for awhile. Befor I took time off I taking part in balanced, spikes, denial etc... but I haven't since I haven't got a clue on what to do, like Im a noob again. haha
I would be willing to take someones advise to sharpen my game up again.

-R O U N D H O U S E

22-06-2008, 22:54
All HA is is gimmick and FotM. I haven't seen any "balanced" builds being ran.

Then again I've quit playing HA long ago.

R3 SWAY LF MOAR R3 PLAYAHZ!! :rolleyes:

22-06-2008, 23:16
Enjoy your gimmickfest.

23-06-2008, 19:06
half of teams are RSpike and other half are 2 D/E with 3 Necros

Ice Lightwave
24-06-2008, 12:28
*cough* I run balanced :P

25-06-2008, 02:25
*cough* I run balanced :P

Guild, Alliance, friends or pugs?

Ice Lightwave
25-06-2008, 09:24
Guild, Alliance, friends or pugs?

Friends generally - Its very rare we take pugs as r12+ pugs take a while to form. Occasionally take 1 or 2 pugs to fill gaps when the f-list fails.