View Full Version : Possible menzies artwork! (possible spoiler)

Wasak Warrior
17-08-2008, 23:03
I was Doing some Zaishen elite when i came across this picture


now if you look at the normal version without lines you can make out what looks like a "margonite" like face with long robes and a big collar, this may just be coincidence, but its worth looking at- im thinking its menzies because he is stood next to balthazar (his brother) it may be someone else, but the firt thing i thought was menzies, opinions please :D

Konig Des Todes
17-08-2008, 23:16
I would like to direct you to this guru thread (http://www.guildwarsguru.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10178465&highlight=Menzies) which was made a while back. It talks about the same thing and how that cannot be truly taken as a image of Menzies.

Also, this would go into the general part not Tyria, as this is from the Battle Isles, which is technically Cantha/Core and the idea of Menzies is core, not Tyria.

For those who are lazy, the main thought about this on guru is that it is a sketch of a Zaishen fighter, not Menzies, as the whole are is dedicated to Balthazar and anyone who worshiped Menzies would not put an image of Menzies in Balthazar's shadow.

Gmr Leon
17-08-2008, 23:44
This has already been discussed in this thread: Menzies discovered? (http://guildwars.incgamers.com/showthread.php?t=457814). That being the case, any further discussion should be resumed there, and I will lock this as a result of it being a duplicate thread.

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