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29-10-2008, 19:18
Welcome to The Quest thread for The Best Minion Ever Made Contest.

The rules have been posted and the first official Quest will be placed in this thread on November 10, 2008.

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10-11-2008, 14:51
Cayri la Diablesa was a necromancer from Istan Island. She was always looking for better ways to create her minions. She had scoured the entire island for ways to do it, but couldn't find anything. Then, in some obscure tavern, she heard about the Book of the Golems, which, allegedly, had the recipe for the perfect Golem. This book was rumoured to be in the Echovald Forest, so, she packed her bags, said goodbye to her family and went in search for the book.

Her first stop was Nundu Bay to get a boat to Cantha. She had to pay 5 Kuskale Claws for the trip.

Take a picture of the 5 Kuskale Claws and the collector that is spoken off, make sure both the name of the collector and the claws are visible

12-11-2008, 17:42
After she arrived in Kaineng City, she travelled on to the Echovald Forest. Once there, she found a healer, who told her she knew of the book. But, nothing comes from nothing and the healer wanted payment before she would tell Cayri about it. The healer wanted 5 dragon roots, as she loved to make a dragon root salad.

Take a picture of the 5 dragon roots and the collector that is spoken off, make sure both the name of the collector and the roots are visible

14-11-2008, 15:28
After Cayri had given the dragon roots to Healer Silja, Silja told her about the book. "I have been told by my grandfather, who was an accomplished necromancer, that the book had been lost in the pilgrimage Turai Ossa made so he could Ascend. The book was in the possession of one of his followers."

Being from Elona, Cayri had heard of Turai Ossa, and knew the path he had followed. So, she went back to Kaineng City and took a boat back to Kourna. From there, she went to the Desolation. Here, she found the guardian of the gate to the Crystal Desert and when she questioned him, he told her that book had not made it through the gate. Turai's caravan had been overtaken by some giants and the book was one of the items that had been taken away. One of the Mighty clan has been the boss of the group and maybe his descendants would have the book still, though, the chances are slim.

Take a picture of the dead boss, make sure the name of the dead boss is visible

16-11-2008, 15:39
After slaying Jedeh the Mighty in a duel, one of the other giants, being impressed by the feat of this small necromancer, told Cayri that he had known of the book but it had been sold ages ago. He couldn't remember where or when, but he did remember the person mentioning something called "a jungle". He showed her a picture that had survived time somehow, that showed the location that person called home.
Cayri had heard of this jungle, from travellers from Tyria. There was an area in Tyria, called the Maguuma Jungle. She wondered if she would see the entire world, but, as she really wanted that book, she returned to Nundu Bay and took a boot to Lion's Arch. From there, she set out for the Maguuma Jungle, in the hope of finding that buyer, or at least, his descendants.


Take a picture that shows the same scenery

18-11-2008, 14:48
After some search of the Temple of Balthazar, Cayri dispaired. There was nothing left. She went on to the Falls (for which the area was named), and sat for a while. Then, resolutely, she stood up. No, she wouldn't give up, there had to be a piece of evidence left! So, she returned to the temple and started searching again. This time, her trouble was rewarded, with a scrap op paper, badly damaged by the damp jungle, which read:

... minerals. The springs are best enjoyed in winter, when ....

With the hope that the owner of the book had gone tot that location, Cayri again packed her bags and set out for more information. After a lot of traveling, she reached the location she hoped was refered to by the sentence. After searching the area for people who could help her, she finally found someone, who, in exchange of 5 Mountain Troll Tusks, was willing to give her some information.

Take a picture of the 5 Mountain Troll Tusks and the collector that is spoken off, make sure both the name of the collector and the tusks are visible.

20-11-2008, 14:03
When Cayri told the story of the book to Trego Stonebreaker, he said, "Yes, I know that book. It belonged to my father, who went after a supposed treasure. There was a minor problem though, it was supposed to be guarded by a dragon. He had read the book, and it mentioned a minion that could conquer everything. So, he brought it with him, in the hope that he'd be able to create that golem before he reached that dragon. But he never came back."
"Do you know where this dragon is?"
"No, but I do have a poem in my possession, which might lead you in the right direction."

For time out of mind I have dwelt in this land
all should know it is mine to command.
Those who dare to wake me from my sleep
I will make them curse and weep

I have search to find a place to rest
also to avoid those I detest
When the time has come to conquer all
my friends and I will keep in thrall

If you decide to come after my treasure
which you may try, with pleasure
Though the ground may be frozen
we will finish you, me and my chosen

Cayri thanked the dwarf and went in search for the dragon.

Lead Cayri to the dragon and take a picture of the dragon, with you standing at its head

21-11-2008, 22:34
Due to the Guildwars Online Site being down for some time today and several people not getting a chance to look up the clue we have decided to make the next quest post on the Nov 23-2008 not on Nov 22-2008

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23-11-2008, 13:54
Finally, a solid clue on where the book was! After Rotscale had been slain, Cayri had looked through the treasure, but she hadn't found a book. At first, she had despaired that the book had gone, as dragons usually don't take good care of books. But then she had found a note:

"A dragon's hoard isn't a good place to keep a book. Bookahs just don't have any respect for knowledge. So, I've taken it away in exchange for these talons."

Sadly, the signature wasn't complete, as the edges of the paper were a bit burnt. The letters Flo were still visible. But Cayri knew enough and set out to find the current owner of the book.

Make a picture of the current owner of the book

25-11-2008, 13:43
Florggi looked at Cayri. "You want that book? Why? Oh well, never mind, you probably don't know why, yourself. Stop bothering me and I'll give you my visual representation of where I hid the book. You'll never find it, that book is save there, you'll have to go through a lot of corruption." Florggi handed Cayri two pictures and walked away.


Take a picture that shows the same scenery.

28-11-2008, 14:08
Finally, hidden in a mineshaft in Dreadnought Drift, she found the book! Cayri opened the book and read:

If a minion is what you desire,
one glowing heart is set on fire
A gruesome ribcage and ten skeleton bones,
a Gruesome sternum... in it goes
Now it still needs a mouth to speak,
so a huge jawbone and hecket tongue is what you seek
A pair of termite legs to walk the nights,
and two Kraken Eyes to see the sights
It still needs a Naga Skin around her arms,
and Jotun Pelt to keep her warm
Some Augmented Flesh, hurt by a bump...
and also a Icy and Igneous Hump
One Kuskale Claw should you desire,
to hurt your foes and set them on fire...
The last thing here will make her whole,
a celestial essence to make a soul...
Find the Oracle in a place of your nightmare,
to let your foes despair!

Take a picture of all the materials required and the NPC that is spoken off, make sure both the name of the NPC and all the ingredients are visible

03-12-2008, 14:52
The Runic Oracle took all of Cayri's materials, and put them in front of him. He puzzled a bit, till the materials had a somewhat human form. Then he cast an incantation, and black smoke curled upwards, engulfing both the materials and the Oracle. Cayre started coughing and retreated a few steps. But when the smoke cleared, there stood the most beautiful golem she had ever seen. Its eyes sparkled, its claws glowed and its heart had burst into a flame. She thanked the Oracle, and left to show the world the most perfect Golem ever created.

The Oracle then took a Golem Runestone out of his cloak and cast another incantation. To Cayri's horror, the perfect golem disappeared in a whisp of smoke. The Oracle smiled enigmatically and handed Cayri the Runestone. He whispered: "Carry this Runestone with you. If you do, whenever you animate a Flesh Golem, the perfect Golem will arise."

Then she decided to show her minion to one of her teachers. On her way there, she took a picture, she decided to put above her bed, as a remembrance of this quest. But when she found her teacher and showed him her perfect minion, he didn't appreciate his student becoming better than he was, so, Cayri didn't have a choice but to kill him... And make a Flesh Golem out of his body!


Take a picture of the dead boss, make sure the name of the dead boss is visible, also be sure to carry the Runestone in your pack and Animate Flesh Golem on your skillbar. And a picture of the show location. This picture should include the mission map.