View Full Version : Prophecies only farming build? Something easy to make?

04-01-2009, 05:15
I've checked over tons of stickies, tons of builds, tons of threads and I just don't have the resources to travel to some super hard to reach area that costs 2-3k a run to get to just to get that one skill you need to make a build work.

I've checked Raptor builds because I have EOTN. I've checked Prophecies builds. They all require elite skills or some skill from a trainer next to some dungeon that's 6-8 hours away from the part of the prophecies I'm at right now (Dragon's Lair).

Does anyone have some kind of build they can share that doesn't require these mystical fantasy skills you need from a thousand miles away? Or a build that doesn't require you to have factions or nightfall campaigns?

Please, no "buy the other expansions" messages. I'm pressed for cash right now and still on the fence about this game.

04-01-2009, 16:58
You don't really need to farm to get money. Just playing thru the game should give you some cash.

Suggestion: Just finish prophecies, you'll get some skills in the process.

04-01-2009, 17:31
What MoonUnit said.

There is no need for money once you have got a maxed armour (which you have access to after you have done Dragon's Lair). With normal gameplay you should have around 10k once you reach Drognar's Forge to buy the armour. Everything else is "extra".
If you have too few skills for your Ele, you might have done not enouch quests, which give you skills up until the desert. If you want to have a max staff (wand/focus), take a Collector's staff from the Desert.
No need for a +30 mod when you have a +27 and you are low on gold.
Turning in a full Flammeseeker storybook after you finished Prophecies (Bonus done or not) will give you 8k.

Laelia Pumila
07-01-2009, 00:43
Take some henchies out in normal mode and farm what my nephew likes to call the 'frickin chickens' outside D'Alessio Seaboard and Lion's Arch. Any skills work. On a good night, two runs up to Nebo Village and back will give you a stack of feathers which = 8K or more. I've also salvaged some runes of Minor Soul Reaping off their armor which are worth quite a lot too.

07-01-2009, 01:19
While I'm sure there are other farming areas that are better, I tend to like grinding Snake Dance from Deldrimor War Camp. The foes aren't overly difficult for lvl 24+, and they aren't overly stingy on their drops either.

07-01-2009, 21:19
If you truly wanted, you could run the Mist Form Farmer. It isn't the most efficient way to farm monsters, but it gets the job done with no risk of death. It uses:


Required Equipment:
Any Weapon with 20% Enchanting Mod (I tested 19% and it works too, but it's slightly easier with the 20%)

12+1+3 Water Magic
12 Wilderness Survival
3 Energy Storage (this is before any runes)

Mist Form (Prophecies Elite)
Serpent's Quickness (Prophecies)
Water Attunement (Core)
Glyph of Swiftness (Eye of the North)
(optional) Ice Spikes
(optional) Frozen Burst
(optional) Deep Freeze
(optional) Glyph of Lesser Energy

The usage is Serpent's Quickness -> Glyph of Swiftness -> Mist Form. Before either Serpent's Quickness or Mist Form runs out again, use Glyph of Swiftness -> Mist Form. This should let you maintain this indefinitely. You can cast whatever spells between cycles.

I haven't tested it, but I recall that Glyph of Swiftness isn't necessary since I used this farming method prior to the release of Factions, before Mist Form was slightly buffed (far back in the day when it was shorter and had a 2 second cast instead of 1). The Glyph simply gives you a larger window for error. In reality, only Serpent's Quickness and Mist Form are needed.

Water Attunement isn't necessary, but it makes it easier since you're casting so many water spells. Optional slots are for whatever spells you choose to use to deal damage. I primarily used a bunch of Area of Effect Water Spells and Glyph of Lesser Energy. Feel free to invest in a Superior Rune of Energy Storage if you want to conserve more energy/have a larger energy pool.

Any damage is fine since you can't be dealt damage from attacks. Because of this, you would want to farm primarily melee monsters without interrupts or knockdowns (since the attacks still hit, they just don't do damage). Spellcasters, however, will kill you immediately. A prime choice is the dozens of minotaur in the Dunes of Despair (Prophecies mission).

As soon as you beat the Dragon's Lair mission, you will be near the bosses that have Mist Form, so it isn't as out of the way as the other setups.

- AzureTempest