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Egg Shennn
16-05-2009, 10:21
Saturday May 23, we will be doing an elite area as a guild. Either Urgoz or the Deep, depending on preference of everyone involved. If you want to be included, please post here, and specify which classes you could bring.

Parco Fulgore
20-05-2009, 04:00
depending on the time of day i will definately go if i'm on.

I can bring pretty much any character, save for necro b/c it's the only char i have that isn't 20 yet lol.

But seriously, I would prefer to bring my Paragon, Mesmer, Ritualist, Warrior, Ele, Ranger, Monk, Derv. in that order!

we have 12 slots so hopefully most ppl can come!

I've done it in hard and normal mode but i wouldn't call myself an expert on the area :tongue:

*edit* ooops, Urgoz that is. I've never completed the deep as of yet.

Mad King Thorn
28-05-2009, 00:44
New Event!!!

Be a Newbie Night?(more like an ongoing thing)
Start a new toon in chosen campain
go through said campain with guildies
Cant open the storage account while going through the campain

not 100% sure how well this will work
but sounds like a fun idea :wink:

Parco Fulgore
28-05-2009, 06:49
sounds like torture to me! i don't have any char slots open now unless i want to delete the guy i started to be perma pre lol.

Mad King Thorn
29-05-2009, 05:06
Ya think thats the only problem with this event...
for people that dont have extra toon slots...

but for the people that do(or for people that feel like deleting a toon for this) can still partake...
still figuring when to start this...probably around first couple weeks of june:smiley:

Parco Fulgore
30-05-2009, 08:51
it would be interesting though and could possibly be a blast but i think finding a time when you can actually all be on after you've figured out who is going to do it, will be a problem.

example: say 5 people pledge to do this.
Night 1: all 5 show up and you do first 2 or 3 missions.
Night 2: only 3 show up.

do you:
A) cancel the event b/c it wouldn't be fair to everyone
B) go ahead and do it anyway
C) do it and i guess next time if everyone shows up re-do it.

but then levels will be all different, not like that is a big deal or anything but if you are going for the experience of doing it all together it could..

Mad King Thorn
30-05-2009, 23:23
Could set a time up when to meet
not just starting night but other nights after starting night to continue

Parco Fulgore
31-05-2009, 02:06
yeah, but the main question i asked is if we would only do it if all the said people participating coud do it on the planned days whenever they may be, and if the planned day comes and we all can't would we just re-plan and try again or move on w/o the ppl who didn't show up.

Mad King Thorn
01-06-2009, 16:27
Would most likly reschedule for the next night or night after that

Parco Fulgore
03-06-2009, 02:44
ko, i may be up for deleting my pre-sear char if we get enough ppl to do this seriously :laugh:

Mad King Thorn
09-06-2009, 08:12
"Be a Newbie Night" is gonna take place June 12th
Meet at Guild Hall around 5ish pct to decide which campain to do

any questions
post here or message me ingame

IGN:Thorn Shadowshifter(for those that dont know):wink: