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18-05-2009, 22:52
Helo members of PHX and the GWO alliance, I have posted the following page in the wiki about PHX:


if you need to edit this or need, please do so and correct the mistakes in my posts. here is the code so that you only need to edit the text (this also serves as a backup copy)

{{Guild infobox
| capeimage =File:Guild Guild Name Embers of the flame cape1.jpg
| name = Embers of the Flame
| tag = [PHX]
| territory = American
| language = English
| leader = Ooorock Meamadeus
| faction = Kurzick
| type = PvX
| trim =
| members = ~65
| hall =
| voip =
| irc =
| web = [http://www.embersoftheflame.guildlaunch.com PHX guild site]
| forum =
| time =
}}{{Guild hall expansion
| isle = Burning Isle
| progress = 13
| xunlai =1
| dye =1
| material =1
| rare =1
| rune =1
| scroll =1
| skill =1
| priest =1
| merchant =1
| weaponsmith =1
| guild =1
| canthan =1
| festival =1
=Embers of the Flame [PHX]=
PHX is a guild currently maintained by Ooorock Meamadeus, it is a friendly, creative guild, looking to have lots of fun in the game.

==How we Play==
The [PHX] guild plays normal PvE on a daily basis, even though that we do have some PvP moments, normally used for the [[Jade Quarry]], [[Fort Aspenwood]] and [[Alliance Battles]], as we are currently contributing to the GWO alliance with our faction.

==Our Members==
Our officers recruit alot, so there's always a regular number of members of around 60+, members are very active. Most of the members are very social and talkative, they help alot and contribute to the other's experience in a positive way.

==Officers and the Leader==
All of our officers are pretty laid-back, our leader is very fun to play with. They all contribute in a very creative way to your experience in the game. Even though this is a pretty decently big guild, the number of officers is reduced to 5 or 6, as the promotion requires being a very active play, and also a person who can be calm with other players.

We are currently recruiting any person who desires to play with us, in a respectul enviroment. Normally recruited members are contacted by the guild, since there's not always an officer on. Contacting us might require to post on a forum or contact a member and wait for a response.

==Contacting us==
To contact use, please visit the GWO alliance site [http://guildwars.incgamers.com here].
Send us a Private Message in-game to the following people:
*Ooorock Meamadeus
*Soup the Brave
*Thorns Shadowshifter
*Syster Angelique

Or please visit our website at [http://embersoftheflame.guildlaunch.com http://embersoftheflame.com] and apply, then you will receive a private message asking for your character's name, you will have to reply, and we will contact you.

{{Guild:Gwonline Guild/Alliance navbox}}

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19-05-2009, 14:03
I updated the Alliance link so your wiki page will display from the quick link box.


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Thank you...:D...The wiki page has been moved due to incorrect naming policy...Its just that they added uppercase letters to the link...Not much rly...But here's the new link:


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i will get that updated asap...tks for the link