View Full Version : Team speak is up

Egg Shennn
13-06-2009, 06:56
I've put together a spare computer and set it up to serve our team speak :) Should be smooth, my bandwidth is pretty good.

Any of you that need to get registered on it, message me in game or pm here. The server info is in guild announcements/staus in game.

Parco Fulgore
15-06-2009, 01:23
awesome to hear!

While i personally rarely use teamspeak/ventrillo, mostly because i'm usually on late night and would probably freak out the people living with me if they heard me on at those hours or plain just piss them off lol.

I would probably also use it more if it was integrated into the game which hopefully they will do with gw2.

One concern of mine is if we will be enforcing chatting rules on it such as only for gameplay chat, i know you could probably set up another channel for random chat. i know sometimes it can get pretty hectic in some of the channels i've been on if they aren't somewhat regulated.

Also, i don't know the age curve of most of the ppl in the guild so language could also be an issue.

anyway it is good news to have one though, can be a very useful tool sometimes :P