View Full Version : Lets all sing the DHUUM song--In Hard Mode!

18-12-2009, 01:45
Tomorrow on Friday December 18th, Saturday the 19th, and Sunday the 20th,
I plan on going to the UW in HM and trying to take down Dhuum. The "Dhuum"ed attempts will start around 1-2 PM EST (EST is -5 GMT). Additional time slots include 3-4 PM EST, and maybe around 7-8 EST on all 3 weekend days.

PLEASE NOTE: The events will not begin if we have less than 6 players, we need at least 6 players to form up a group at which I will then seek out random players that are willing, able, and have the time, to take down Dhuum. PLEASE HAVE AT LEAST 2-4 HOURS OF FREE TIME SINCE SOME PLAYERS (including yours truly) HAVE NEVER FACED DHUUM.

EDIT: Based on the 1st run on Saturday, I can safely say that we'll need two (2) warrior tanks, two (2) monks, and 3 others (not including me). Given how Wintersday is fast approaching, I think it would be a good idea to bring as many candy canes as you have just in case. I used up a rez scroll leaving me with 9 left. It would be a good idea to at least carry maybe 2 rez scrolls on each of you. PLEASE DON'T TAKE QUESTS WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE TEAM...

Nemeon Lion
18-12-2009, 01:54
I'm in.

So, if I got that right, 1 - 2 PM EST = 6 - 7 PM GMT?

18-12-2009, 02:13
I am interested in going. I will have to try and make sure I am available at those times. I will keep and eye out on alliance chat.

18-12-2009, 03:25
I'd love to get in on this if I can make the time. I'll probably only be available on Sunday.

18-12-2009, 04:54
I plan on bringing 10 rez scrolls because you can't rez when fighting Dhuum. Also, I would highly recommend looking up all the information regarding the fight against Dhuum on guild wiki. It's very useful and may save us some money from rez scrolls and cons...

18-12-2009, 08:19

I can't come:cry:

18-12-2009, 20:05
i would be honored to come as long as i can get online and have the time block.


18-12-2009, 21:40
might also be good idea to post some build suggestions here, so people can go cap/buy whatever skills they might be lacking, also saves some time for setting up groups

18-12-2009, 21:59
I would be forever greatful and will bring whatever we need. I think I've got an ok monk but all 10 can take Dhuum out, just let me know.

IGN: Shyre Crystal

I will be available during the Sunday trip if you'll take me.