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Malhavoc Adhamar
30-08-2010, 15:31
Discuss all new Necromancer news/information for GW2 before release. :smiley: All posted info will be added to the stickies.

Nilix Delnori
04-09-2010, 17:03

Add this in there.

01-10-2010, 06:51
does anyone else find it ironic that a Necro of all things has party buffs

Si Leng
01-10-2010, 14:43
does anyone else find it ironic that a Necro of all things has party buffs

Why not, we are normally the last one standing :grin:

16-10-2010, 03:22
For people who've played the necromancer, or seen it played at demos and such: What were the differences you noticed between the playing styles of the different weapons?

It is somewhat clear from the descriptions that the necro weapons aren't as obviously differentiated as others, and Anet hasn't released any official descriptions like "Ax is long range damage, dagger is life stealing..." as they have with other professions, but it is a curiosity I have.

(It seems to me that Axes are more direct damage oriented, and Daggers more "blood magic" oriented, though the other weapons are harder to tell, and theory from skill descriptions often doesn't quite match the game.)

17-10-2010, 02:29
It is somewhat clear from the descriptions that the necro weapons aren't as obviously differentiated as others, and Anet hasn't released any official descriptions like "Ax is long range damage, dagger is life stealing..." as they have with other professions, but it is a curiosity I have.

They have mentioned such roles at the PC Gamer december issue:

Staff l 2 hands l Long Range Support
Scepter l Main hand l Damage-over-time spells
Axe l Main hand l Lots of raw damage at medium range
Dagger l Main hand l Short range, life-stealing powers
Dagger l Off hand l support allies
Focus l Off hand l Heavy Damage ranged attacks
Warhorn l Off hand l Short range AoE attacks


17-10-2010, 05:48
Ah, cool.

(Gets me wondering what the staff skills will be. I guess this is another piece of information to look forward to.)

20-02-2012, 16:56
Lets get Cracking shall we?

The embargo has lifted and media/reviews will be coming in over the next week. Discuss away and please post any new information/videos, etc. you find scourging the net.

One in particular I will be following will be Sardu over at Necrobator; just recently he posted a review of the new trait system for the Necromancer found here (http://www.necrobator.com/features/a-closer-look-at-necromancer-traits/). He as (as with Totalbisquit and others I am sure) went for some meaty information runs through the beta, some good stuff out there, lets find it!

Of course, the necromancer preview thread will be updated with all the new information as soon as I am able!

I am not going to go on listing bullets from Sarud's talk on traits, for it mostly is bullets itself, but will note some:

-By level 80 one will have 70 trait points to fill 2 1/3 your available trait lines.
-Trait lines include Spit, Curses, Death, Blood, Soul Reaping
-Each point in a trait increases to two attributes or bonuses
Spit - increases power by 10, conditions duration by 1%, .etc

-Elite Flesh Golem is back!

From the write-up by Sardu it seems that the path your choose as a Necromancer (with any profession for that matter) will be even more uniquely defined as traits will also affect your character attributes; this imo differentiate game play styles a whole lot more than we have seen in the past.

Be sure to post the vids you find on GWOnlineTV for archive!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqugAF3R5xg&list=UUjTxwtVtSA3PZ6COiBwpI9Q& index=1&feature=plcp

New Traits

Editing.... The whole got re-done Wiki GW2 (http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/List_of_necromancer_traits)

New Skills

Signet of Spite
Signet of Undeath
Spectral Grasp
Spectral Armor
Spectral Wall

Flesh Golem [Elite]

Some of these skills may very well be revamped early ones i.e., Ghost Armor -> Spectral Armor (same icon); yet unconfirmed.

20-02-2012, 16:59

20-02-2012, 16:59

20-02-2012, 19:05
i honestly like the GW1 flesh horror allot more, the GW2 version just lacks the awesomeness the GW1 version has.

20-02-2012, 19:59
Wow, how the Necromancer changed from PAX West 2011!

A note on some of the skills:

-Ghost Armor, and Frozen Grasp seem to have been re-named to Spectral Armor and Spectral Grasp respectively.
-New Skills include:

[Elite] Flesh Golem
Charge (secondary skill for Flesh Golem)

Spectral Wall: Create a spectral wall that grants Protection to allies and inflicts Vulnerability to foes.
Vulnerability (10s): -50 defense
Protection (5s): 33% damage reduction.
Combo Field: Ethereal

So a new Ethereal setter for cross profession skill combinations perhaps?

Signet of Spite: Passive - Improves power. Active - Inflict Bleed, Blind, Cripple, Poison, and Vulnerability on your foe.
Damage: 497
Blindness (6s): Next outgoing attack misses.
Bleeding (5s): -465 damage over time.
Cripple (5s): -50% speed
Poison (5s): -380 health, -33% reduce healing
Vulnerability (5s): -50 defense
Weakness (5s):L -50% endurance regen. 50% Fumble.

New fumble?

Signet of Undeath: Passive - Generates life force. Active - Revive nearby allies.
Signet of Undeath: Gain 3% Life Force every 3 seconds/ breaks stun

So a Group rez for Necromancers!

Signet of the Locust: Passive - Increases your movement speed. Active - Steal health from nearby enemies.
Damage: 299

Epidemic: Spread conditions on a target foe to all nearby foes.

nice to see this gem back from Me GW1 -> I think this may as well replaced or be a rename for a previous GW2 necromancer skill.

20-02-2012, 20:40
Female Norn Necromancer Emotes.


20-02-2012, 21:16
oh how i hope this is with body weight on full.......

21-02-2012, 01:37
Somebody likes his anorexics.

The camera adds 10 pounds, in RL she would be really hot.

21-02-2012, 10:37
I am going to post this here as well, see if anyone else can give some clues; or correct me (which may very well be the case):

Speaking of traits, I am a bit curious...

The Necromancer skill from the GWOnline Necromancer Skills/Traits video shows Reaper's Mark to be traited with poison.

The new traits of the Necromancer's 5 trait lines does not have one trait that adds poison damage as it would show on the Reaper's Mark skill in the video. The only trait in the list gives such is only a chance of a poison cloud.

But it is not Poison cloud showing up as traited poison degeneration on Reaper's Mark; because Reaper's Mark gives: -1368 health, Poison Cloud is only: -684 health; and wouldn't it just say a percent chance of casting poison cloud rather than giving the damage?

What trait is giving such a number difference to Reaper's Mark? Now, it is true that putting points into a trait line has passive bonuses besides the regular leveling up and unlocking of traits. Curses would be the passive one for upping condition damage; which might explain the larger number on Reaper's Mark, but I am still curious because it says nothing about a poison cloud (the only poison giving trait).

I know there are a few traits involving weapons amongst the "5 Magic trait lines"... I am wondering if there is not a Weapon or Armor specific set of traits not played in this recent media beta play?

The traits were weapon based before (hopefully the wiki has a backup of the old for comparison somewhere), maybe more are coming?

Or maybe it has to do with the armor upgrades specifically, Crests for Necromancer (have not seen a video on them), but yet again... why would it say Reaper's Mark is traited? Unless it in the very end is just a mistake (its beta anyway).